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Thread: First Overclock - CPU vs. DRAM?

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    Default Re: First Overclock - CPU vs. DRAM?

    CPU speed is king. 15% lower RAM performance in a RAM benchmark will = 0 real world gain.

    422 FSB * 9.5 on 2.00D would be way faster than what you're running stable now. 2.66D is too high a multiplier. It's boarder line as to you getting 1066 with 8GB, very few modules and motherboard combos can run at that kind of speed with 8GB and all slots populated.

    I also notice that you have set tighter timings than the defaults in Advanced Timings. It's better if you relax them a little and try again. Below is a template of what I would set if I'd just bought your CPU and RAM and wanted to see if I could get 4GHz out of it:

    Robust Graphics Booster [Auto]
    CPU Clock Ratio [9]
    Fine CPU Clock Ratio [0.5]

    CPU Host Frequency (Mhz) [422]
    PCI Express Frequency (Mhz) [100]
    C.I.A.2 [Disabled]

    CPU Clock Drive [800]
    PCI Express Clock Drive [900]
    CPU Clock Skew (ps) [0]
    MCH Clock Skew (ps) [0]

    Performance Enhance [Disabled]
    Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P.) [Disabled]
    (G)MCH Frequency Latch [Auto]
    System Memory Multiplier [2.40] (DDR-1013) <if it fails try 2.00B/D
    CAS Latency Time [5]
    tRCD [5]
    tRP [5]
    tRAS [15]

    tRRD (4) [4]
    tWTR (4) [4]
    tWR (8) [8]
    tRFC (72) [72]
    tRTP (6) [6]
    Command Rate (CMD) [2]

    Driving Strength [1066]
    Static tRead Value (10) [8]

    CPU Vcore (1.25) [1.35V] < You may need more or less, depends on the CPU.
    CPU Termination (1.20) [1.28V]
    CPU PLL (1.50) [1.5]
    CPU Reference [Auto] < -- When CPU term is 1.20V set this to 0.760V, adjust MCH ref as well to recommended, then increase CPU term back to 1.28V

    MCH Core (1.100) [1.28]
    MCH Reference (0.760) [Auto] <--When CPU Term is 1.200V Set to 0.740V, adjust CPU Ref at the same time then increase CPU Term back to 1.28V
    MCH/DRAM Ref (0.900) [Auto]
    ICH I/O (1.500) [1.5]
    ICH Core (1.100) [1.1]

    DRAM Voltage (1.800) [2.320V]
    DRAM Termination (0.900) [Auto]
    Channel A Reference (0.900) [Auto]
    Channel B Reference (0.900) [Auto]
    Last edited by Psycho101; 06-10-2009 at 11:16 PM.
    Coolermaster CM 690 II advance Case
    Corsair HX750 (CWT, 91%(80+ Gold rated @230V) single 62A 12V rail
    P55A-UD4 v2.0 @ F14
    Core i5 760 @ 20 x 201, 4.02GHz
    TRUE Black with a single Noctua NF-P12 pumping out 55 CFM @ 19db .
    2 x 2GB Mushkin Ridgeback (996902), @ 7-10-8-27, 2010-DDR, 1.66v
    2 x Gigabyte GTX 460 1024MB in SLI (Pre OC'd to 715MHz core and 1800MHz VRAM) @ 850 Core / 4100 Mem.
    Intel X25-M Boot Drive (OS and Programs) 200MB/s Read & 90MB/s Write
    Corsair X32 200MB/s Read & 100MB/s Write
    WD Caviar Blue 640GB C (Steam, Games, Storage, Temp Files & Folders, etc)
    Samsung F3 500GB Backup/Images
    Noctua 1300RPM 19dB case fan (rear extraction)
    3 x 140 MM Coolermaster LED fans (one front intake, one top extraction, one side intake)
    Dell Ultra Sharp 2209WAf E-IPS @ 1680x1050

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    Default Re: First Overclock - CPU vs. DRAM?

    Quote Originally Posted by Psycho101 View Post
    Below is a template of what I would set if I'd just bought your CPU and RAM and wanted to see if I could get 4GHz out of it
    <if it="" fails="" try="" 2.00b="" d="">

    denied, with extreme prejudice!
    p95 lasted all of ~7min.

    Thanks for offering your advice, though,
    I really do appreciate it.

    Since I last posted, I've come to realize that my configuration(s) aren't stable at all; everything I try bombs in p95 somewhere between just a few minutes to 8hrs., depending. Including stock settings for both board and DRAM.

    But I'm pretty sure the issue boils down to my 4x2gb DRAM configuration. I've tested a few configs with only 2 modules installed, and things test ok. It's only when I've got all 4 modules in, that things tend to go haywire.

    I've also posted over on the OCZ support forum, looking for some help there. Tonight I was able to get MemTest+86 to run through a few error-free cycles with my DRAM timings relaxed from stock settings of: 5-5-5-15 to 6-6-6-18. And 5-5-5-18 is testing out too. (all other settings, including MCHcore, set to AUTO...)
    that's FSB=333 only, with the stock 9.5 multiplier, and system memory multiplier on Auto, as well. I sure would like to get at least FSB=400 out of this system. <sigh>

    I'm a bit worried about what the Auto setting might be bumping up MCHcore to, to make this work? Is there any way to see actual MCHcore loads? CPUID doesn't track this. Is there another utility that does? I'd feel a lot better if I could pin-point a value and hard-code it.
    case: Gigabyte 'Triton 180'
    power: Corsair 'HX-620'
    motherboard: Gigabyte 'GA-EP45-UD3P' (rev.1.1, F9)
    cpu: Intel 'e8500' (E0)
    cooling: Xigmatek 'HDT-S1283'
    memory: OCZ 'Reaper' 4x2gb (OCZ2RPR10664GK)
    storage: Western Digital 'Black' (500gb)
    video: EVGA 'GeForce' GTX-260
    display: Samsung 'SyncMaster' 2333sw

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