I seem to have a problem with my EP45-DS3L motherboard. Recently, while gaming, I received frequently BSOD's or hangups. Trying to figure out the problem, and thinking at first it was temperature regarded, I used Riva to monitor the temps and voltages while gaming. I then noticed that the BSOD's occured while the 12V line was displaying 11.14V. That made me think it's the PSU's fault. But then again, i gave it a try and tryed to monitor the voltages using a digital multimeter, and noticed that even while gaming, or any other heavy load, the 12V line would never drop below 12.04V. That made me curios. While the motherboard reads very low voltages (11.14 for the 12V and 3.17 for the 3.3V) using a multimeter to measure those voltages everything seems to be ok.
Is it a motherboard problem? The voltage regulation block could be working outside of desirable paramters? And is this problem covered by a RMA?