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Thread: EX58-UD4P overclock and S3

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    Default Re: EX58-UD4P overclock and S3

    Eh, I didn't say put EVERYTHING on Normal, just the things I listed in my post. There are too many voltages in there I don't understand and I leave those at AUTO.

    Quote Originally Posted by joeblough View Post
    bah, i rebooted it and it would not POST. i went in and set the dimm voltage to 1.66V, and it POSTed okay and booted. still seems to sleep/wake okay. i guess i can live with the occasional POST error, i never actually reboot the machine (provided S3 works :)

    at this point maybe i'll wait for F9 and then upgrade. last time i made changes to the bios i ended up in a situation where i could not downgrade until i reverted to the factory back-up bios (F2) and that was a real hassle.

    Seems like its working a lot better for you overall but I would still consider the occasional POST error unacceptable. If it is still there after F8/F9 BIOS you may want to check your ram modules individually or even your PSU.

    Also, we are certain there is something strange happening after an S3 resume. Did you check to see what CPUZ reported for RAM timings after a resume? Does your CAS start reporting 4?
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    Default Re: EX58-UD4P overclock and S3

    well i guess i could go back to auto on all those other voltages. but it is indeed working much better. my problem with CPUZ is that i'm not running windows. i'd have to do a temporary install of XP to dump all the ram timings and such after a resume. i dont know if i'm willing to go that far (yet...) i'll think about that if i still have problems after i upgrade the bios again.

    thanks for all the help, i really appreciate it.
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