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Thread: E8400 w-stock HSF - High temps

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    Exclamation E8400 w-stock HSF - High temps

    I just got my harware installed and booted the system. I got into BIOS and PC Health says CPU is running at 52C! The case is wide open (Front, 2 sides). Could this be a factor? Room temp is ~75F. I assume CPU load isn't that high while in the BIOS. Right? I loaded Optimized defaults and rebooted. NC.

    E8400:[email protected] / Stock cooler is locked down correctly.
    GIGABYTE EP45-UD3P; Rev 1.1
    Award F8 BIOS 2/24/9 > Updated to F9 4/16/9
    COOLER MASTER RC-690 - 2 intake and 1 exaust fan (120mm)
    SeaSonic M12II SS-430GM
    G.SKILL 4GB DDR2 800 F2-6400CL4D-4GBHK [email protected][1.8V - 1.9V]
    Plextor PX-806SA 20X DVD-RW
    MSI MSI R4850-2D512-OC

    Could the BIOS temp readings be faulty?

    Even though it is unrelated, I updated the BIOS to F9.
    Going to close up the case and see if effects temps.
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    Default Re: E8400 w-stock HSF - High temps

    Ignore the PC Health reading for a moment. Download a copy of RealTemp and post a screenshot of the main window. It may be that you have a rare non functioning temp sensor. It's not good to go by the CPU Socket temp any way. It's core temperature that really counts.

    I would re-seat the cooler again. I know you say it's locked down OK, but I'm going to go through it just to be sure. It was a pain in the arse the first time I used an Intel push pin jobbie.
    Before you put the cooler back on, take a razor blade or similar object with a straight edge, and lay it edge down on the CPU diagonally from corner to corner. If the blade rocks back and fourth or if there is a gap between blade edge and centre of the CPU, you have a convex or concave Integrated HeadSink (IHS). There's not much you can do about this other than sand the surface down, but I wouldn't recommend doing it, it's in the realms of extreme. If the CPU is concave, a little more TIM than normal can help to normalise temps a bit.

    Take off the HSF and clean the paste off with a specialist TIM cleaner such as arcticlean or Akasa TIM-Clean. Apply fresh paste to the centre of the CPU. Use onnly a small amount, a round blob about the size of a lentil, or slightly smaller is fine. Make sure all four push-pins are rotated in the oposite direction to the arrows on the top and apply the sink. Fix oposite corners, so do top left & bottom right, then top right & bottom left. If done right, there should be no movement in the heatsink.

    Consider getting an after market cooler if CoreTemp reveals high temps and re-seating doesn't work.
    Coolermaster CM 690 II advance Case
    Corsair HX750 (CWT, 91%(80+ Gold rated @230V) single 62A 12V rail
    P55A-UD4 v2.0 @ F14
    Core i5 760 @ 20 x 201, 4.02GHz
    TRUE Black with a single Noctua NF-P12 pumping out 55 CFM @ 19db .
    2 x 2GB Mushkin Ridgeback (996902), @ 7-10-8-27, 2010-DDR, 1.66v
    2 x Gigabyte GTX 460 1024MB in SLI (Pre OC'd to 715MHz core and 1800MHz VRAM) @ 850 Core / 4100 Mem.
    Intel X25-M Boot Drive (OS and Programs) 200MB/s Read & 90MB/s Write
    Corsair X32 200MB/s Read & 100MB/s Write
    WD Caviar Blue 640GB C (Steam, Games, Storage, Temp Files & Folders, etc)
    Samsung F3 500GB Backup/Images
    Noctua 1300RPM 19dB case fan (rear extraction)
    3 x 140 MM Coolermaster LED fans (one front intake, one top extraction, one side intake)
    Dell Ultra Sharp 2209WAf E-IPS @ 1680x1050

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    Default Re: E8400 w-stock HSF - High temps

    Thanks for your suggestions Psycho101.

    I did not pull the HSF yet. I booted the ubcd4windows and ran some tests.
    RealTemp 3.0. T=41C. Ran XS Bench and reached T=51C.
    Coretemp 0.99.4 showed T1=41C.
    Speedfan showed T1=40C T2=40C T3=-2C.

    Are these temps more in line with a stock cooler (w/thermal pad)?

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    Default Re: E8400 w-stock HSF - High temps

    I would call these temperatures perfectly normal.

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    Default Re: E8400 w-stock HSF

    Thanks Octopuss!
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    Default Re: E8400 w-stock HSF - High temps

    If you want to get lower, I suggest buying any cooler from Thermalright specifically the HR-xx series. I got E8400 as well, and it's passively cooled. 44 degrees in idle!

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    Default Re: E8400 w-stock HSF - High temps

    41C is normal idle with stock HSF
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    Quote Originally Posted by Psycho101
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    Default Re: E8400 w-stock HSF - High temps

    You can get Arctic Silver 5 and get the temperature down some more.

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