I recently had the pleasure of buying a brand new I7 system from my favorite computer parts supplier CCL Bradford.
I must explain at this point we have been building computers for years using CCL as our parts supplier as they are close and reasonably priced, and I’m building this machine for a friend for video editing purposes, oh and we had spec’d a similar box for him using socket 775, tried and tested always worked etc, but decided to go for the newest technology since he’s a friend and this way it would be better for upgrading in the future. We knew that going this way we may find incompatibility issues with hardware as we knew this technology was brand new and we were prepared for teething problems.


i7 2.66GHz 920 D0 Stepping
8 Gig CCL choice (nanya) 1333MHz
Replaced By
6Gb GEIL Triple Channel Kit 1333MHz 9-9-9-24
Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 1GB Graphics
2x Samsung Spinpoint F1 HD10 Hard drives
1x Samsung EcoGreen F2 Hard Drive
700W CoolerMaster Silent Pro Modular PSU
Samsung & Pioneer DVDR Drives
AeroCool Series S9 Case
2x 12CM ALASKA Silent Fans (Side of Case)
1x 12CM ALASKA Silent Fans (Back of Case)
After the initial build using artic silver paste on the chip the temps were well down in the bios, but as we paged through, the box froze.

After a reboot we checked the Gigabyte forums and realised for a D0 stepping chip we would need to use F6 of the bios as revision 1 of the board shipped with F2 bios, after flashing the bios to F6 with the help of the official Gigabyte forum, which despite some users having problems, we didn't find any, the flash was successful (Load Optimized Defaults) always remember that little gem.
All is well but after trying to install vista 64 we encountered rebooting and posting problems once again.

At this point we took the motherboard, chip and ram back to CCL and they told us that the 8gig of CCL choice memory was wrong and that was the problem. We decided to believe them (although we didn’t have any problems with memory at this time) and replaced the memory with CCL’s own recommendation of 6Gb GEIL Triple Channel Kit and I quote
8 gig of ram won’t work on these boards and I don’t understand why Gigabyte has put 4 slots on the board for memory when its 3 channel
obviously CCL didn’t read the manual!

At this point CCL staff were patronising and argumentative with us saying things like,
you have probably voided your warranty because you put the wrong memory in
if you haven’t timed the memory correctly or over clocked incorrectly then you will have voided your warranty
We had left everything default in the bios at this stage knowing that this is usually the best thing to do at the initial installation.

Anyway we left the parts with them and they did a bench check and told us with the new GEIL memory everything was ok, (not even testing it with the original memory we have on the board I might add! and using three 1Gig sticks not the three channel kit they recommended) we took it home rebuilt the machine with the new memory and HEY PRESTO it was exactly the same, rebooting half way through initial install of Vista 64…argghhh

We then noticed on Gigabytes official site the very next day a new revision to 1.6 of the motherboard, that wasn't their the day before... We then thought that Gigabyte had had problems with these boards so we decided to suggest a board revision update from CCL.

Moving on, we ended up looking at Gigabyte’s official forum and came to the conclusion our board could be faulty. Although on the Gigabytes official forum we came across a sticky for a newer F7a revision
(http://forums.tweaktown.com/f69/giga...st-bios-28441/) of the bios so decided to give this one last shot before taking the whole system to be checked by CCL for other hardware problems or an incompatibility issues seen as this is ALL new technology, so we flashed to F7a, again no problems flashing but alas this didn’t make the slightest bit of difference and we decided to leave it at that.

We left the F7a revision bios on the machine and took it back to CCL, explained ALL the things we had done,to which they told us we would have to pay £50 for them to test the machine because CCL didn’t put the machine together so we left the box with them, only to be told later that we had voided the warranty of the board due to flashing it incorrectly with a revision of the bios that wasn’t on Gigabytes Official site!!

So we are now at a stage where CCL won’t replace the mother board to the new 1.6 revision of the board because as they say
we screwed the board up

Please can you shed some light on the situation as we have now gone bald pulling the remaining hair out of our scalps.

I suppose I’m ranting now but I feel we have been treated unfairly purchasing these parts from this company. We haven’t had the misfortune of returning any faulty goods to CCL for years but we have bought plenty of parts for computers and recommended lots of people to them and now needing their help to understand this new technology they are all too quick to blame the customer and give no help whatsoever. It almost seems as though the engineers at CCL don’t know what they are talking about.

I feel this company takes your money and then doesn’t give a damn about customer service.

So to reiterate, we have been told by CCL that the original memory was the problem then the replacement memory recommended by CCL is incompatible (the tech guy suggested the memory was incompatible because it wasn't on the QVL list from GigaByte, but the disclaimer at the top of the document (http://www.giga-byte.com/FileList/Me...8-ud3r-sli.pdf) from GigaByte states
Memory modules listed below are for reference only. Due to massive memory models on the market, we can only verify some of them
The latest bench test from CCL reads and I quote this cost me to get this info….

Test faults-
Memory causes system to blue screen test and found ok
(not good for video edititng)

Tried to do upgrade of bios but unable to do as system has been flashed with incorrect bios [not for SLI model]

I'm 100% positive I didn't put the SLI BIOS on this system, as that current bios for SLI is at F5a, the bios on this machine is currently at F7a!!!

This board is NOT an SLI model board anyway….
GA-EX58-UD3R (rev. 1.0)

I don’t know who is at fault here now but as this is the official GigaByte forum maybe you can help us because I still don’t believe we have broken the board simply by flashing the bios from 6 to 7a as the problems we have been encountering were there before we changed the memory to Geil and before we flashed the bios to F7a.

So as it stands now we are no closer to understanding what is at fault and CCL will not replace the motherboard for the latest revision because they say we have broken the board due to flashing to 7a bios and its not under warranty anymore.

I really would like to conclude this as the guy who I’m building this PC for is, as you can imagine getting quite anxious at this time having waited a month so far.