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Thread: I am requesting some help from Lsdmeasap? Please!!!

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    Default Re: I am requesting some help from Lsdmeasap? Please!!!

    Amazing; he wants help, he gets help, and then he insults the helpers.

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    Default Re: I am requesting some help from Lsdmeasap? Please!!!

    Before you pass judgement on me why don't you read some of the other posts that I made, where he gives opinion when not needed at all and insults me about asking LSD for help!!!!

    The guy doesn't want to give advice he wants to just be at the center of every post and state "the way it should be"!!!! So to speak.

    Anyway, I just want to say thanks a bunch to everyone that has given me input!!!! You have all been extremely helpful!!!!

    Take care everyone!!! I don't need the drama that is on this site!!!


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    Default Re: I am requesting some help from Lsdmeasap? Please!!!

    The drama is of your own creation. I do not want to be at the centre of every post. I certainly don't want to be at the centre of ANYTHING you're envoolved in.

    At NO POINT did I insult you. I was slightly miffed by the fact you expect people to hand you settings on a plate with a side salad and free drink without doing a little work yourself.

    You have a temper problem. Simple as that. You also have flipping out and taking things the wrong way down to a fine art.

    The only time I was at the centre of things was when you put me there. You as good as told Lsdmeasap to sling his hook when he offered input in your first thread. I may have strong opinions, but you have the power to ignore them if you wish. I'm sorry if you feel I intruded on "your" internet.

    I genuinely hope you have success overclocking, but I also hope you learn something about overclocking and don't expect people in any other forum you may visit to "Healp me now plox, needz 4GHz by yesterdayz".

    Good luck, and best wishes.
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    Default Re: I am requesting some help from Lsdmeasap? Please!!!

    Methinks we have a candidate for site, where insulting people and throwing tantrums takes precedence over discussing your rig. Yup, if your ***** envy overcomes your common sense, then that is the site for you!
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    Default Re: I am requesting some help from Lsdmeasap? Please!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by MattR. View Post
    Why would I do that?
    Quote Originally Posted by Psycho101 View Post
    He offered to verify your CPU. What's the relevance of the question "Why would I do that?" You'd either want him to or you wouldn't. I'm 100% certain it's a genuine offer to test your CPU. If you don't want to accept, then don't.

    Maybe you didn't mean it that way but your one line comment sounded rather obnoxious.

    Sorry to have missed this thread, looks like it was buried on me.

    Yes, that is all I meant by my post, that I could test your CPU for you if you really think it is not capable of 4Ghz.

    Just an offer is all it was, not trying anything funny here at all. Just trying to be helpful

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    Default Re: I am requesting some help from Lsdmeasap? Please!!!

    I've been observing this thread for awhile.. but I've been scared to comment, in fear of being attacked >_< ... MattR thinks he can get a "stable 4GHz" done overnight. It takes weeks (at least for me it did) to get a 4GHz+ overclock.

    I think someone should just lock this thread, since it's useless now, and it's pathetically sad...

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