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Thread: x58-ud5 problems: audio and fan

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    Default x58-ud5 problems: audio and fan


    I got a new Gigabyte ga-x58-ud5. I got it to replace a MSI X58 Eclipse that had one faulty RAM slot. So still trying to get that i7 build completed.

    System summary:

    MB: Gigabyte GA-X58-UD5
    CPU: Intel core i7 920 D0
    GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD4870
    Case: Antec Solo
    CPU Cooler1: Intel Retail fan
    CPU Cooler 2: Akasa Nero 967
    OS: Window 7 RC (directly from MSDN)

    Unfortunately, I have a few problems with it that make me feel like returning it and changing to a different brand (Asus, MSI?)

    1- CPU fan speed control:

    My CPU fan runs at max speed whatever I do, all of the time. Making the system much noisier than it should. I tried with the Akasa Nero (always at ~1600RPM) and the Intel cooler (always at >2000RPM). I set fan control to enabled in the bios (already set by default), then tried setting the control method in the bios to "Auto" (default), "Voltage" or "PWM" to no avail. The MSI board out of the box initially boot with high speed fan and then almost immediately slow down to almost inaudible level. I tried loading speedfan to reduce fan speed but it sense the speed but can't adjust anything.

    2- Front audio

    I can't get the front audio on my case working. It has a standard audio connector that fits in the MB front audio connector but not headphones get detected by the RealTek driver when I plug in and out.

    3- Squealing

    Under some circumstance, I get the dreaded coil squeal. Initially, I thought it was just a very light high frequency squeal. Turning off C1E stopped that noise. But then when later on I turned it on again, I could not hear the noise anymore.

    However, under some cricumstance, I get a very loud squealing. I've noticed it once when a flash video plugin was loading on but it doesn't happen regularly. for a while, I was emitting a loud squeal during boot up but this seems to have gone away now. I am not entirely sure if the noise come from the MB or the PSU but with the MSI, there was no noise at all. Searching around the net find peoples describing a similar noise even after replacing the PSU

    4- Audio cracking

    Under some circumstance, I get some very bad cracking in the audio. For example, I was playing an mp3 and loaded speedfan, the music started having very bad and loud cracking in it and I had to kill and restart my player to make it go away. Again, this is not reliable. Repeating playing the same mp3 and starting speedfan didn't produce the cracking.

    5- Voltage report

    Minor but still annoying. The BIOS and EasyTune only report the 5V votage value, nopt the 12V, using HWMonitor or speedfan, the values I get for the 12V are ridiculous. in the range of 0.3 to 4V!. A multimeter shows me that I have nice 5.06V and 12.13V in a molex so there are no problems there. This problem with HWMonitor and speedfan might not be gigabyte fault but it would have been nice for the bios and easytune to report more than 2 voltages.

    Apart from that, the board is working fine :-(. At base clock, I ran Prime95 for 3 hours no problem. I haven't seriously tried to OC it. Just raised the bclk without any other tweak and got it to 166Blck (3.3GHz) fine at default voltage via EasyTune6. 175 resulted in a crash but this is to be expected, I would need to tweak the voltage a bit.

    Thanks for any help.


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    Default Re: x58-ud5 problems: audio and fan

    1. Try the latest BIOS >>

    Be sure you use Qflash, here is a guide

    2. We need to know your case, as the front panel header may be wired different than your case is and you may need to rearrange the wiring

    3. Ya, I would lean towards your PSU or GFX Card on that one, I have not heard of any boards lately squealing this is often the PSU or GFX Card not the board itself

    4. Do not use Speedfan Not that it is the cause, but very well could be. DPC Latency is likely the cause, and it is not an issue in these boards so you either have some hardware or driver causing it. Do you have DES Installed? If so, uninstall and see if the issue is corrected. That's just a starter for you, if can be caused by ANY hardware or Any Program/Driver

    5. There is no 12V output reading for the X58 series, likely because it is not often needed or used so this allowed them to apply that sensor space to other items, namely NB Sensor I believe.

    Just look at all the readouts the board Does show (+ Some as I do not have all the fans connected I could) >>

    Don't change teams man If you have any issues we can try to help you out for sure so you can keep the board you have now

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