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Anyone have a RAID array already and tried upgrading? Will I need to reinstall?
Nope, all will be fine. All you need to do is be sure you set your disk settings back to raid after the flash, reboot and set your raid to the first disk in the boot order and you will be good to go.

I posted tips on this process in the Qflash guide, if the image is gone please let me know thanks! (Used a image to show text due to character limits)


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Guys, what do you think about flashing the UD4P with Extreme bios, will this give any benefit?

This guy flashed his UD4P @ Extreme
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There is no benefit to that, yes it will work and yes if something goes wrong and you have to RMA then your warranty may be void.

So really no need to do it unless you just can't resist, but again there is no benefit to that