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Thread: EX58-UD4P Fan Question

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    Default EX58-UD4P Fan Question

    I'm using an EX58-UD4P board with a 920 running at stock speed. Cooler is a Mugen2. The problem that I've got is that I can't seem to get the fans to vary their speed based on system / CPU temps.

    With BIOS F8, the CPU fan and system fans spin at 100% no matter what BIOS settings I use (smart fan enabled and have tried all 3 fan modes).

    With BIOS F9B, the CPU fan spins down to around 400 rpm when in the BIOS which seems correct given that the CPU is idle. However, once Win7 starts, the fan spins down to zero rpm. Even under full processor load and CPU temp of 60c plus, the fan never spins up. However, the system fan is still running at 100%.

    Can anyone think of anything else to try or something I've missed? Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: EX58-UD4P Fan Question

    Are you using XMP? If so, that may be why as part of the change log for the latest Beta BIOS's.

    Info: AHCI ROM 1.20E
    Fix: X.M.P. With Fan Control
    Fix: G.Skill Trident PC16000 (And Mushkin 7-8-7-x/8-9-8-x)
    Fix: D0 Stepping im OC
    New Feature: Channel Interleaving
    New Feature: Rank Interleaving

    It may just be that your cooler cools it so much that the controller does not think it needs more voltage, but I guess 60C it should not think that.

    Have you tested out all three modes on the F9B BIOS? Just wondering, I use Water so I can't really test out a CPU fan but I do have the same board

    If you do believe you have fully tested it and it is a BIOS Bug, you are using a compliant PWM fan (if voltage also does not work), let me know and I will forward the info as there is a few bugs with F9B you may not be aware of that I am already speaking with Gigabyte about.

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    Default Re: EX58-UD4P Fan Question

    Not using XMP. At this time, I've switched back to BIOS version F8 under the assumption that 100% fan speed is better than zero. I'll probably wait until F9 is out of beta before trying again.

    With F8, I've also tried the 3 different settings (Auto, Voltage, PWM) and the fans always run at 100%. I believe that the fan is PWM compliant. I guess that I could plug in the stock Intel fan as a check to see if it varies speeds.

    Not a huge problem but it would be nice to get this working. Is this a known problem? Also, I read a review somewhere that mentioned that only the CPU header would control fan speeds and that the other headers provided only power. Is this true or it it simply a misinformed reviewer?

    thanks for the info

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    Default Re: EX58-UD4P Fan Question

    You wanna set it to Voltage in BIOS and then manually adjust it using Easytune 6, that is what I do with my Mugen 2. You will not even be able to hear it on 50% and that will cool down the CPU quite enough.

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