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Thread: Over Clocking a EX58-EXTREME with a i7 920 Issues...

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    Default Over Clocking a EX58-EXTREME with a i7 920 Issues...

    Hey all, new the forums. I recently bought an EX58-EXTREME mobo and a i7 920 along with 6 GB of Corsair XMS3 Dominator DDR3-1600. My plan was to Over clock the 920 to atleast 3.6 Ghz, now i can do this for a few days and it works fine. Even ran Prime95 and memtest for a few hours and it seemed fine. But after a few days i get a BOSD and my pc shuts down. I go into the bios and it says it has reverted or something like that to default settings do to an overclock or changed voltages. I've even had it sometimes give me a check sum error on boot and i had to use the recovery thing to restore my bios back to version F4 (running version F7 right now). Now i have looked over the forums and see what i should have my bios set to to get this kind of over clock and i thought i was right but my questions is: what are the best settings to have my EX58-EXTREME bios set to to get an over clock of 3.6 Ghz on a i7 920 and keep it stable?. Also heat is not an problem as my temps rarely go over 40C.


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    Default Re: Over Clocking a EX58-EXTREME with a i7 920 Issues...

    What BIOS are you using? From the looks of it your memory may have issues. Trying running your memory @ 1600 with CPU at the default 2.66 GHz speed.

    Run some tests on the memory @1600 MHz and CPu @ 2.66 GHz.

    Prime95v.25.9 build 4 (32bit) /Prime95v.25.9 build 4 (64bit)
    OCCT 3.1.0
    Memtest86+ v2.11.iso

    All availble here :

    If you fail with these tests then your memory is a concern.

    narrowing down the issue is critical here.

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    Default Re: Over Clocking a EX58-EXTREME with a i7 920 Issues...

    using F7 right now for my bios. the ram runs fine at 1600MHz at stock CPU speeds and i have run memtest for hours on end with no errors. also no issues when running prime95 at stock speeds.
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