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What BIOS are you using? S3 issues have been resolved in P45, so you are either not using a newer BIOS or you are not stable (Hence this thread, sorry man)

I take it you are using Vista right? You can disable sleep, which by default is enabled at 20 minutes. Just set that to never, and it will only sleep when you tell it to.

I would not be mixing this ram, only asking for headaches such as this. Have you asked the ram guy if this memory is compatible enough to be ran in the configuration you are trying?

If not please ask then report back, as they would know much better than we could guess >>
Warranty Questions - The Corsair Support Forums

If he says it should be fine to use let us know and we will get your settings that are failing and advise back some things to try out.

I'm running the F6 BIOS that the board shipped with. The Gigabyte site has the F9 BIOS available for download, however I've seen people refer to the F10 BIOS, which is not on the site. Should I be going to F10? If so, do you know where I can download it?

Disabling sleep is not really ideal because it saves electricity in a convenient way. I would be more satisfied with this product if I could get sleep mode working. Note that I'm also having the reboot loop issue when I try to shut the system down.

I realize that I'm running two separate kits of RAM, but they are both Corsair and use the exact same timings and voltage. I've created a post on the Corsair forum as you suggested and you can find it here:

1GB/2GB TWIN2X kit compatibility - The Corsair Support Forums

We'll have to stay tuned until RAM GUY can get back to us.