I've located the problem!!!

After getting frustrated after trying virtually every possibility, I switched to an EVGA X58 SLI LE board (everything working perfectly on that, 3.8 @ 182x21 @ 1.23875 volt +100vtt, 8-8-8-24@2:8 1.65v, everything else auto)

Apparently, there is a curled pin that I missed. It wasnt very apparent when i was looking at the pins before, but revealed itself in a camera macro shot. There also appears to be a lot of some kind of greasy like substance on some of the pins. I've tried to get it mostly back in place, at least for the tip alignment... but will need to do more work with a razor, magnifying glass, and a lot of light.

Pretty weird. I have to ask the previous owner about it as RMA is a non option now with a bent pin. He did have a water cooling setup before, but Im not sure if that involves getting foreign material on the pins...he had shipped it with the cpu already in the socket, so I should have given the pins a lot more scrutiny...I had picked up the board for under 200, which is a steal for this caliber of a board, but should have been another red flag.

If anyone has a 1366 pin diagram, can be a big help. Luckily the board still operates fine, as it worked before when i seated and reseated...just not in triple channel mode and without any overclocks. I havent tried taking the cpu out of the EVGA and putting it back into this as I dont want to risk it without a cpu to spare, but my hopes are high that this board is salvageable.