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Thread: ex58-UD4P temps look weird?

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    Question ex58-UD4P temps look weird?

    What are normal motherboard/system and northbridge temps? I get around 35-38C for the motherboard/system in idle and load after 15mins with prime95 small-fft, the northbridge runs from 43-49C during this.

    The CPU will report 23C at idle with the cores 35-39C and then 39C with the cores 63-67C under load.

    I am using realtemp, hwmonitor and everest as well as the bios and all temps are jiving with each program.

    Are these normal?

    Whats really weird is the cpu temp being below ambient at idle which is about 26C in the room. I'm using the Noctua SE1366 cooler with an antec 1200 case that has all the fans 9-120mm and 1 200mm set to low.

    I am running a mild 3.2GHz OC on stock voltages. Am I just crazy, I wish I had looked at the motherboard and northbridge temps sooner but I thought I had seen them lower. Maybe I should go back to stock and check. Anyone with similar temps?
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    2x EVGA GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 SLI 700-1500-1200
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    Default Re: ex58-UD4P temps look weird?

    That all looks to be normal to me, some are even quite good actually.

    Your CPU may be sub ambient due to your cooling fans possibly, but I wouldn't worry about that temp only the cores.

    Sorry I can't give you a comparison shot to your overclock right now but I could later if you like? I am on water, here is my idle temps in Everest at 4Ghz with some heavy voltage set to NB and CPU of course, and this is in a open case so temps could be better if that was not the case. >>

    If you would like some Idle comparisons by me, or 3.2 let me know and I will post for you. Thermal Paste has been redone on my setup, so the idle temps may not compare to yours very well?

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