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Thread: EX58 EXTREME SLI - PCI-X x8 only on PCIEX_16_2 slot?

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    Default Re: EX58 EXTREME SLI - PCI-X x8 only on PCIEX_16_2 slot?

    I use ONLY Beta's myself, and I am always using the latest, unless there is a specific older beta I liked I will go back to that from time to time to test various things or use it for certain purposes.

    There is a change log for the BIOS releases, it is as follows:

    F8f vom 02.07.09
    Info: Erfolgreich geflasht...
    Info: AHCI ROM 1.20E
    Fix: X.M.P. With Fan Control
    Fix: G.Skill Trident PC16000
    Fix: D0 Stepping im OC
    Feature: Channel Interleaving
    Feature: Rank Interleaving

    F8f had some minor issues corrected a few days later.

    F8g made these corrections to F8f (Above fixes/features of course still included)
    Fix: Phase Led Issue Corrected
    Fix: CPU Watts/Amperage Usage Readout Issue Corrected

    Well there is MANY types of MiniPE, some you make yourself, some others have already made, ect.

    I'd suggest MiniPE XT ....... Actually See PM

    If you need to know how to burn ISO see here >>
    How to Write ISO Files to CD
    How to successfully burn or write an ISO-image to cd or dvd
    How to Burn ISO Files on CD Using Nero 5: 7 steps - wikiHow

    I'd go ahead and do all the switching around testing first as you may not need to go through all this if you find you have a bad slot onboard or a faulty card
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    Default Re: EX58 EXTREME SLI - PCI-X x8 only on PCIEX_16_2 slot?

    Ok, looks like it is sorted...

    here is how - all a bit strange!

    First, pulled the PCIE x4 RAID card and built Vista on a spare disk attached to the MoBo SATA port. That made no difference.

    Then disconnected the card in PCIE16_1. I did not actually pull the card, just disconnected the power supply. System boots with one card on PCIE x16.

    Then reconnected the card in PCIE16_1 and disconnected the card in PCIE16_2. System boots with one card on PCIE x16.

    I reconnect both cards, and, hey presto, both are now in x16 - problem solved. Also stays solved after reinserting the x4 raid card.

    I have only two explanations:

    (1) BIOS lost its way somehow and forced the PCIE16_2 slot into x8 mode, and by disconnecting the card in PCIE16_1 it "saw the light"and brought it back...

    (2) Electrical problem / poor contact, and jiggling fixed it.

    Ah, well, let's see it if lasts. In any case, benchmark score up by 15% - so thank you for your help!!!


    PS - you wouldn't happen to know how I can get rid of the high-pitched chirping/beeping noise the MoBo makes when there is any network access? Really annoying!!!

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