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Thread: EX58 UD4P Stability Problems

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    Default EX58 UD4P Stability Problems

    I'm hoping some of you will be able to point me in the right direction here. My congifs are:
    EX58 UD4P bios F8
    6GB Corsair Platinum DDR3 (1333mhz)
    Corsair VX550 power supply
    Radeon 4850
    Win7 RC1

    When built, everything seemed stable at stock settings / speeds. Everything is still stock but over the last few days, I kept getting more and more random restarts. Last night, Win 7 would endlessly reboot. At first I thought this was a graphic card issue as I kept getting errors stating no ATI driver. After replacing with an older video card, I still had these errors.

    I reset bios settings to optimized defaults and had the same problems. I even reinstalled Win7 without success. Thinking that it could be a hard drive, I pulled out another drive and tried a clean install with both Win7 and XP. Both hung up and would not complete. Both video and hard drive work fine on other machines.

    I then tested memory using memtest. While no errors showed, I could never complete a full test cycle without the screen going blank. Is this a sign of memory problems or something else? I've even tried pulling all the memory modules and trying one by one with the same result. Seems odd that all 3 would have problems... Stranger still, the auto settings for memory timings in the bios now show 8-8-8-20 whereas before they were 9-9-9-24 which is also the corsair spec.

    Can anyone offer some suggestions for next steps?

    many thanks!

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    Default Re: EX58 UD4P Stability Problems

    Hey mate - noticed a few people had the same problem
    i have the same motherboard and i had those problems - constant rebooting!!!
    - here is my thread with a possible fix - GL

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    Default Re: EX58 UD4P Stability Problems

    It turned out to be a bad power supply. A big thanks to all who post here. Without scanning through other threads and finding some suggestions to check the ps, I would have spent even more time diagnosing.

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