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Thread: EX58-UD5 stability issues

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    Default Re: EX58-UD5 stability issues

    Quote Originally Posted by qwertylesh View Post
    Koops, I really wonder if your symptom is exactly like mine or just similar.
    When youve had it setup where you have the OS on the raid and it freezes, do you find that playing music and video cause it to freeze faster during uptime then compared to not doing so.
    Please check for me, because Im absolutely certain when I had this problem (not using the raid now but want to) music and video would cause the system lockup to occur much faster. (as in allways within the period of like 6 hours of playback.)

    And to just clarify on the symptom:
    My keyboard would still work, including the LEDs for the Num/Caps/Scroll.
    My curosor/mouse would still work.
    All processes would stop responding, maybe not immediately, like task manager could still come up once or twice, but all processes would lockup and stop working, forcing me to hard restart because when the problem would arise for me, it was impossable to shutdown the system quickly enough.

    Let me know if your freeze symptoms are the same or different, if you have a different method or have found doing different things expose the symptom.

    My mobo's within a year, If this problem is board specific and affecting us both, I will try to get mine changed to an X58A through Gigabyte (Australia).
    This is the exact thing that is happening to me but I'm only running a RAID 10 for the Data (but I installed win 7 x64 with the user directory on the D drive (the RAID 10)).

    Programs start to freeze but I was patient the last time it happened and was able to shut it down eventually without a hard reboot. Upon power up, the RAID config noted a drive failure. The drive was not bad.

    My other posts here delt with memory overclocking, but I am not in that cofiguration currently.

    There are many posts on the internet about ICHR10R controllers and Drives falling out of RAIDs. I don't think it is Gigabyte specific.

    UPDATE: After days of researching this I found a Thread on an intel forum that implicates the Intel Matrix Storage Manager Drivers. Here is the link:

    There are over 500 posts but the solution could be Intel's new version of the Matrix Storage Manager called "Rapid Storage Technology". There are currently two unofficial versions floating around the web (not yet offered by Intel on their site). The first one in the referenced thread is and second one is the seemingly newer (which may be MS certified). I downloaded both but I'm running the newer one now. We'll see how it goes.

    Here is where I got both versions (with the full installation including the new IRST user interface). .
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