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Thread: Booting with USB inserted causes a lock up

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    Default Booting with USB inserted causes a lock up

    Similar to my DVD drive causing a lock up problem, USB flash drives also cause my PC to completely lock up during the boot process.

    The problem: I want to install a new OS, so I make a bootable USB like I always have. Insert it, restart, and ... it freezes. It never makes it past the Gigabyte boot screen. I thought maybe I messed up my bootable usb install, so I formatted the USB drive tried it with nothing on it. Still freezes during boot. I then think that maybe my USB drive is damaged, so I tried my other one. Same problem. It doesn't matter when I insert the drive, it still freezes.

    I also tried inserting the USB AFTER boot. For example, I went into my BIOS to mess around with the settings. I then wanted to test if inserting the USB drive while in the BIOS would allow me to access the drive in order to update my BIOS. As soon as I inserted the USB, the bios completely locked up.

    I've tried both front and back ports.

    This does not apply to my external USB hard drives. The computer will boot up fine with them.

    My two USB flash drives both work fine in windows...

    If I turn off Legacy USB support, the computer boots fine with them inserted, but I can't access it during qflash, of course.

    No clue what the problem could be here...

    Mobo is a GA EX58 UD3R with the F6 Bios installed.
    Core i7 920
    Seagate 500gb HDD
    ATI 4870
    6gigs DDR3
    PC&Power Cooling 750w

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    Default Re: Booting with USB inserted causes a lock up

    Some drives/USB Devices are just not compatible at all. Some will just not function, and others can cause these issues. The only thing I can suggest is that you will need to try a different USB Stick if you must use this method to install your OS.

    I should also tell you, not sure if you did this correctly or not, but when planning to use a USB Device to boot from, flash the BIOS, ect you need to leave it plugged in when you reboot to perform the intended task. Don't plug it in later or during the process, it should be already plugged in when you reboot to install OS, Flash, Ect.

    You could try the latest beta BIOS (A new one will also be out shortly) F7c. I am not sure this will help, but it could be worth a shot. I have a few USB Sticks that just wont work at all with Qflash, but none that freeze the system

    If you are unsure about flashing please read the Qflash guide

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    Default Re: Booting with USB inserted causes a lock up

    Thanks for the help, but I've done those things already. I leave my USB drive inserted while in windows, restart, and the computer freezes. Both of these flash drives have been used with qflash previously, and both have been used for OS installing. I'm not sure why they'd fail randomly.

    Come to think of it, they both worked fine until I tried to boot Hiren's boot CD off of them. (A boot CD filled with recovery apps. I spent a week at a friend's house and fixed 6 computers! Hahaha...). But I assumed formatting the sticks would have erased all memory of Hiren's boot CD.


    EDIT: Making a FAT32 partition of my HDD and updating to a beta BIOS (F7c) fixed the problem! Thanks.
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