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Thread: Ga-p31-ds3l

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    Hello everybody i am george and i got a question.When i bought my pc it had that motherboard on it and a 8600gt nvidia.But i bought a Asus Eah 4850 1gb.It has some crazy lag in some games and i feel its not running on its maximum power.I tried everything,i changed the ram i added some fans for the cpu but still nothing.Its lagging on some games like cod4-cod5 which are little power games and some more of course.

    Now they told me its my motherboard which is pci 16x 1.0 and my card needs a 2.0 to run at maximum.I didnt knew what to do so i came here to the experts.Any help?


    Oh and pc specs are

    Ga-p31-ds3l motherboard
    Q6600 quad core 2.4GHz
    Asus 4850 1gb
    4gb ram 800MHz
    Vista home premium 32 bit
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    The fact that your board doesn't support PCI-E 2.0 shouldn't result in a large performance drop (although COD4 is one of the few games where there actually is a noticeable drop, but not more than 10% IIRC).
    Did you properly uninstall all your drivers and did you download the newest drivers from ATI instead of using the ones fromt he CD? If you did uninstall the old videoc ard drivers, how did you do it?
    Use Driver Sweeper to get rid of the remaining Nvidia drivers:
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    i thought that was my first problem...but after formating my pc and installing the drivers there was no success
    and i downloaded the latest drivers.
    Just wanted to mention that cpu cores are about 55-60+ NOT overclocked
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