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Thread: Power issues with GA-G41M-ES2L

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    Default Power issues with GA-G41M-ES2L

    Are there any lights on the mobo to indicate when it's receiving power from the PSU? I've plugged everything in, but nothing happens when I hit the switch or the power button. On my Asus board, there's a green light that goes on even when nothing is plugged in but the ATX. It's hard troubleshooting this when I can't even turn it on.


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    Default Re: Power issues with GA-G41M-ES2L

    I don't have your board, but my Gigabyte boards don't have an LED like that. This sounds like an issue either with the PSU, the board or the CPU.

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    Default Re: Power issues with GA-G41M-ES2L

    There is no indicator light on this board but you should make sure that the front panel connectors are connected correctly on the motherboard.

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    Default Re: Power issues with GA-G41M-ES2L

    Got this Mobo yesterday. Plugged everything in, similar problem. Some stuff gets power but some things don't. I get no picture on monitor or a post, not even any beeps.

    I'm getting power from the PSU (Hard Drives spin up, pci-e video card fan spins on) but I don't seem to be getting some or all the power from the Mobo itself?

    Front panel buttons work, powers on most the components, but the CPU/Memory area of the mobo doesn't seem to get power? CPU fan plugged into 4pin connector above memory does not power on. Strange... fyi both cpu and mobo power cables from psu are plugged in.

    Parts in question:
    PSU TT|W0100RU 500W
    CPU INTEL|PDC E5200 2.5G 2M
    MEM 2Gx2|GSK F2-6400CL5D-4GBPQ
    VGA EVGA 512-P3-N871-AR 9800GTX

    Ahh before I get the reply I've been getting... Gone through the normal troubleshooting procedures... I pull out the video card and try the onboard video... nothing. I unplug and pull out everything except cpu/cooling, 1 mem stick... nothing. Swap mem stick... nothing. I use a different PSU... nothing. You know the same trial an error stuff they teach you in 101.. I've never had an issue in all my years of working and building computers were I had a faulty part and with this it's frustrating trying to find the 1 puzzle piece.
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    Default Re: Power issues with GA-G41M-ES2L

    I know you said they are, but just checking... You connected the 4 or 8 Pin ATX 12V to the board, and the 20 or 24pin right? Again just checking to be sure. Also, on the 4 or 8 pin, you did not use a PCIE Cable from your PSU right?

    Sounds like you know what you are doing, so no offense or time wasting meant by all that, just checking to be sure.

    So have you pulled the CPU out and checked to be SURE there are no bent CPU socket pins?

    Are you sure that PSU can power your GFX Card, just checking as I am not up to speed on Nvidia myself.

    Do you have an older or smaller PCIE or PCI Card you can use to test with?

    Have you had the board out of the case and OFF the motherboard tray? If not, try that. Put it on a box or wooden table and try the minimal CPU/Heatsink, one stick of ram, and your GFX Card. NOTHING Else, no CD/DVD Drives, ect this will rule out a short and other possible faulty components causing a boot failure.

    What heatsink are you using? Have you tried the stock one if you are not using it now? I ask because lately I have seen several heatsinks/heatsink back plates causing shorts and not allowing the boards to startup

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