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Thread: First Overclock Try on P45T-DS3R

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    Default First Overclock Try on P45T-DS3R

    I am attempting my first overclock try and trying to do it in an "orderly" fashion. My hope is that by making small changes in the bios I can see which changes have the best effect ( so far it is only the worst effect )

    I have set up excel to track the changes, the left in black is the default and base bios that works and is stable. The green are positive results and the red are negative results. I have tried many more combinations than are shown on the attached pdf, all with negative results. I define negative results as the infamous "red warning" screen that shows in MIT when the post fails.

    I would appreciate any suggestions on which changes I should make, and why ( what effect the change will have ).

    By doing this I hope to develop a " how to" on overclocking that should be transferable to any mobo.

    What are some thoughts. Am I barking up the wrong tree, or is this something that could wind up being useful in the future??
    GA-P45T-DS3R Rev 1.0 - Bios F3
    Intel Core2Quad 9400 2.66 MHz
    Zalman cnps9700
    XFX geforce 9800gt 512
    2 x 2GB Crucial Ballistix ddr3 1333
    Antec True Power Trio 550 W
    WD esata 1T
    Seagate Pro External USB 600 GB

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    Default Re: First Overclock Try on P45T-DS3R

    I'm not much of an overclocker, but here are my thoughts.
    I don't see the point in trying mid FSB speed, I'd rather use "known" FSB rate (266, 333, 400) that are much more likely have been tested and have their own memory straps rather being on the border of two FSB frequencies and don't know which to use.
    Basically, after you settled on a DDR rate settings a change in FSB may require chnages in MCH Core and Static tRead Value, and VCore while you go up with CPU frequency.
    First you want to have optimal standard settings, then increase FSB with no CPU overclocking or even underclock the CPU to stabilize memory (MCH Core ad Static tRead Value,) at the same DDR rate as before, and then it's mostly VCore while overclocking the CPU.

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