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Thread: Hello New here, 920 d0 on ud3r mobo.

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    Default Hello New here, 920 d0 on ud3r mobo.


    After many weeks of reading this and other forums I thought it best to sign up and post here and ask questions etc.

    Right now I’m running my i7 920 d0 stepped with a bclk of 160 with all cpu extras turned on (ht on, turbo on, speed step and all the extra mobo power saving settings in bios on, no windows based power saving tools running as they cause system to lagg when in games etc and because I'm using windows 7 64bit) this gives me 3.2 ghz with 20 multi and when turbo kicks in the multi is 21 and its at 3.36 ghz. At 1.1 vcore (1.2 is stock vcore I think), everything else is at stock settings which I’ll adjust during the week, trying to get best OC with lowest voltage settings.

    Low volts mean the cpu does not run hot and it extends the lifetime of the cpu and other components from my readings. Ram (g skill ddr3 1600 9-9-9-24) is rated for 1.5-1.6 I’ll try to set it at 1.4 and test for stability. CPU-Z reports the vcore at 1.072. System at 3.36 ghz idling at around 35 degrees celsius, load its at 45 degrees celsius.

    I couldn’t get the TRUE cooler into my case as I have a huge 25cm side fan that sticks inside the case by around 5 cm and the TRUE only has around 2 cm clearance from the side of case. SO I went and bought the COGAGE MST-140, its based on thermalrights heatsink but it sits flat on the cpu rather then standing up like the TRUE, works good for my system as the 25cm fan sucks in huge amounts of air and pushes it down onto the heatsink which also has a huge 14cm fan, result is epic cooling .

    I can get up to 4ghz with ease but don’t like the temps being around 50 and 60.

    I'd like some tips on how to further under volt yet continue to over clock my system.

    P.S I cant use many windows based tools apart from a few things like prime etc as windows 7 does not support them or they don't work with errors.

    EDIT: I already have the f5c bios for the 1.6 rev of this mobo (thats the version I have anyway), also not looking for a huge OC just the best with lowest voltage settings :)

    Also I lapped the heatsink, but not the cpu as i don't want to void the warranty (the place where I got the cpu from covers OCing).
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    Default Re: Hello New here, 920 d0 on ud3r mobo.

    Might want to post your bios settings and put your specs in your sig. Use mine as a guide. Just search for a UD3R template and fill it in.

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