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Thread: GIGABYTE-UD5-X58 motherboard failures, I my problem well known here?

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    Default GIGABYTE-UD5-X58 motherboard failures, I my problem well known here?

    Dear Gigabyte Support Team.

    I have been trying to look for a good Gigabyte forum, and it seems I finally have found one.

    My problem is huge and very hard to describe. Well it all started the days after I bought this mobo, and it has only gotten worse in my opinion.

    When my motherboard is running completely default BIOS setup it runs fine. Even tho just if I change the BLCK frequency 5-10 the motherboard starts to complain. Sometimes the motherboard can run fine for a couple of days with the new preferences without anything happens. But then suddenly one day the motherboard either restart the computer in the middle of a game or in windows, and sometimes it just doubble boots alot of times before it says "DUAL BIOS - Press Enter to get default settings"

    I'm not a complete noob to overclocking and recording to sites, it should be piece of a cake to overclock this mobo and CPU. It just seems to be happening for me at all.

    I am running the latests BIOS from this site F8f, and I have alrdy tested my memory with MEMTEST or something called like that.

    Here is my setup:
    i7 920
    OCZ 1866 1.65V 6gb
    1000 Corsair HX
    Corsair H50 water pump
    Raptor HLFS WD 150gb HD

    I hope this is enough information for u guys. Btw. I have set my memory to 1.66V and CPU to 1.3V. Hope anyone can help me, because how can i RMA a mobo that can run fine for a couple a days and then major crash? The company i bought it from im sure cant run a test for 3 days :(((((


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    Default Re: GIGABYTE-UD5-X58 motherboard failures, I my problem well known here?

    Has it been like this from the start? Do try another BIOS, the newest Beta is not always the best, some versions can cause strange issues like this.

    Also please post your settings, maybe you missed something in the settings.

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