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Thread: x48-ds5 E5400 and help on mid FSB range

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    Default x48-ds5 E5400 and help on mid FSB range

    Hi all,
    Only just got a new rig today and have been playing around with OC.
    Before I start let me give you the specs.
    GA-X48-DS5 M/B Bios F8C
    Processor E5400 (800Mhz)
    Ram OCZ 2G10664GK (not the greatest but good enough).

    I have managed to get the CPu to clock around 4Ghz and am quite happy with that but I can't seem to get the FSB much past 300 with a succesful POST.
    Even dropping the multi right down to 7 or 8 (from 13.5) doesn't give meany joy.
    I have done all the usual with increasing the voltage on mch by 0.2.
    Dram voltage by 0.3
    Vcore up to 1.45V

    Tried all flavours of boot straps from A B C D as low as 2:00.
    Do you guys think it might be the RAM?
    I was running this RAM in a 965P board at 375 without too much trouble but didn't have control over the bootstrap as I do with this board.
    Any help greatlt appreciated.

    edit: added BIOS report.
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    Default Re: x48-ds5 E5400 and help on mid FSB range

    Try a little more CPU Termination and CPU PLL, maybe that will help.

    I don't think it's the RAM itself, because it's only running at 600 and it's rated for 1066, so it shouldn't be a problem. At that speed the timings on Auto should be fine as well.

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    Default Re: x48-ds5 E5400 and help on mid FSB range

    Thanks for your response Nickel020,
    I must confess to my ignorance here, which settings within the BIOS translate to CPU termination and CPU PLL (Phase Locked Loop)?
    As a further note I ran a fan on the NB and have managed to run at 330 X 11 on 2.00D
    then at 340 X 11 on 2.00B and now at 350 X 11 on 2.00A.
    I have water cooling on the CPU and holds a temp around 55 to 60 running orthos.
    Any further advice greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: x48-ds5 E5400 and help on mid FSB range

    Looks like this is quite commonplace with the E5x00 series CPUs.
    In fact an FSB of 350 seems to be quite good for these chips.
    Should have picked up a E7x00 chip.
    Oh well, you live and learn.

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    Default Re: x48-ds5 E5400 and help on mid FSB range

    There is some info in this article that may help you decide.
    My bulid won't post above 418FSB, I don't know if it is the CPU or the P43 chopset/board and how it compare to X48, and I have not tested it for stability at 418FSB.

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