I am having a weird issue with this board with the sleep setting. This board is replacing my ga-965p-ds3 which everything worked perfectly on. (By that I mean it would go to sleep and come out of sleep w/o issue.)

So I know everyone will ask for all my settings which I currently don't have but wanted to get a post out. I just rebuild my machine q6600 quad processor 4 1GB crucial ballistix 1066 memory sticks and a new OCZ vertex 60GB hd for the OS and apps. Everything goes together fine and runs great but here is the issue now. When I put the computer to sleep it would go to sleep fine but when I would wake it up it would go into a continous power cycle, fans come on for 5 secs and then turn off, then they come back on again, etc etc. I would have to kill the power and when it rebooted it says it was resuming windows, not starting windows so it still thought it was asleep. I did some reading and some people said to disable legacy USB support so I did and that actually fixed the constant power cycle but now when I wake it up and login it will bluescreen and give a memory error. So I am assuming I need to tweak something in the bios for the memory. Everything is stock, no overclocking at all... turned the memory to standard mode and disabled the XMS profile and upped the voltage to 2.0 for the memory which is what it says it runs at. I am not sure what else to try so if anyone has a suggestion I am open! Thanks in adavance.