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Thanks for all the responses. My first goal is to get the temp
down but keep the oc at 4GHz. Went to Best Buy (the only place
left to get computer parts around here) and bough some Dynex thermal
grease and a Corsair H50 cooler, which is a sealed liquid cooler system.
First I tried my Scythe with the better grease and that did make an
improvement in temp, both idle and full load. But the temps under
full load (Prime95 large FFT) still got over 90 on Real Temp.

I installed the H50, which required swapping cases with my
wife since mine was too small for the 120mm fan. I added
a 120mm case fan blowing out of the case in the front because
the H50 requires that air flows into the case and over the radiator
of their cooing system. I used whatever grease that was pre-applied
to the H50.

So now my idle temps are in the low 40s and running Prime95
for 10 minutes got the temps as high as 86 on one core. That's
better than the 90s I got with the Sycthe. I might also try
moving the front case fan to the side panel or just adding
another fan to the panel.

Now I am going to look through some of your replies to
see if I can get the memory running closer to 1600
and keep the CPU at 4GHz.

I also have the same cooling system corsair h50 and my 920 runing @ 4200ghz with 1.31v for daily use. Temps idle 35-36 and 20 min prime95 max 75. I also add 1 more 120mm fan to my h50 for push an pull and they are blowing air in to my case for me its better then blow out of the case.