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Thread: EX58-Extreme Memory Issues

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    Default Re: EX58-Extreme Memory Issues

    Thanks for the well wishes, my Dad had to have a pace maker put in and my Mom had her blood sugar drop so low it could have been serious. They're both back at their place now and doing well so life can get back to normal.

    I did a standard Google search on the model number for this drive "ST31000528AS" which is a current model 7200.12 and the first couple pages did not really show up any mention of possible bad firmware. I did see a few people complaining of DOA and reallocation of bad sector issues but nothing else. So yes, if there has been issues with this series then I'm unaware of it.

    If this may be one of the models affected by a bad firmware, please point me in the right direction. How would I identify this as an affected drive and where would I get a corrected firmware?


    - Norm

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    Default Re: EX58-Extreme Memory Issues

    Anytime! Glad to hear everything is back at least to semi-normal for your Mom, and hope your Dad gets healed up from the surgery quick. Better tell him to take it easy for a while!

    Sorry about the drive comments, it was 7200.11 drives not 7200.12, you should be fine with that firmware.

    It just may be a faulty drive then, have you or can you check it with their tools on another PC to be sure? These things happen with any brand/product so no need to think it is seagate only or something like that

    Luckily their RMA process is easy, they will even do advanced RMA I believe for a fee of course. Let me know if you need help finding the RMA Page, if you decide it is indeed faulty that is.

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