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Thread: Ram for a GA-EX58-UD5P

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    Default Ram for a GA-EX58-UD5P

    Looking to overclock a D0 i7 920. I've got the chip and the board (GA-EX58-UD5P). 4 GHz seems easy enough to reach but i'm having issues finding ram sticks that would work for this board. So I got 2 questions: 1st question: What brand ram does this board like? OCZ? Mushkin? Patriot? I admit I haven't had any luck with Corsair, Crucial, or Kingston in the past. Is there a particular IC that this board favors? 2nd question: I'd like to jump to 12gb right from the start. Yes that does mean all 6 slots will be filled. I'm hoping to buy both packs (3x2) at the same time, hoping to get the same batch. I also know that this might play hell with traditional settings of overclocking a 920. But I'm assuming someone has tried this before. Is there any particular settings I need to be mindful of inorder to activate/engage the other 3 slots? Are there any switches in the bios, settings I need to worry about to use all 6 slots. Any help would be a big help!

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    Default Re: Ram for a GA-EX58-UD5P

    I don't think I will ever buy anything other than Mushkin - their quality and service is beyond good. I have their DDR3 1600 cas6 model 998961 in my system - not cheap but rock solid.
    i7 920 DO @ 4410 210*21 Watercooled
    Gigabyte GA-Ex58 ud4p
    3X2gb Mushkin DDR3 1600
    2x4870 1GB Ati Crossfire.
    Intel X-25M SSD OS drive
    G.Skill Titan 128gb SSD X2 RAID 0 Data
    Corsair HX850 PSU
    Windows 7 x64 7600

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    Default Re: Ram for a GA-EX58-UD5P

    Check out this thread over at XS:
    Gigabyte EX58-UD5/Extreme Discussion Thread - XtremeSystems Forums

    You should find lots of information in there on what RAM runs best with the board.

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