There seems to be an error in the F8 firmware regarding the integrated Realtek 8211b LAN that can not boot properly over PXE. Runs really slow - like a few kbps. Something is wrong with it?

A PXE UFD boot disk, i.e. created using WDS > Discover Image (WinPE PXE Setup), has no problem using the RTL 8211b on the same machine for deploying an OS.

So if anybody have the same problem, you can create a PXE UFD boot disk and write it to an USB key.

Bought this board as my 3rd Gigabyte board - the first without an Intel chipset though - for running MCE (using an older E8200 CPU). So looking forward to that.

Since I've read about other Gigabyte users buying this board for running MCE:

If anybody here is also managing machs using WDS and group policy remember you can push the user config (autologon) and computer config (ehshell.exe) to automatically configure this computer to start as an MCE kiosk.