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Thread: GA-MA74GM Not detecting SATA HDD's on install

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    Default GA-MA74GM Not detecting SATA HDD's on install

    Just got the GAMA74GM-S2 with Ath X2 7750, trying to install XP MCE, but when I do a CD boot with XP, its not detecting the HDD. I re-formatted a 250g Maxtor, and the bios originally recognizes it, but not XP.

    In CMOS, I have:
    Onchip SATA enabled
    ONchip SATA type Native ID
    x Onchip SATA POrt 4/5 type IDE [this is in blue]

    and at bottom
    x ECP Mode USe DMA 3

    How can I get this to recognize my SATA drive and load XP?

    Thanx for any help,

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    Default Re: GA-MA74GM Not detecting SATA HDD's on install
    Everything you need to do is in chapter 5 of your manual.
    If you are installing windows on a RAID you must use the F6 option in windows setup.
    5-1-2 Making a SATA RAID/AHCI Driver Diskette for Windows XP
    (Required for AHCI and RAID Mode)
    To successfully install operating system onto SATA hard drive(s) that is/are configured to RAID/AHCI
    mode, you need to install the SATA controller driver during the OS installation. Without the driver, the
    hard drive may not be recognized during the Windows setup process. First of all, copy the driver for
    the SATA controller from the motherboard driver disk to a floppy disk. For installing Windows Vista, you
    may directly load the SATA RAID driver from the motherboard driver disk during the OS installation
    process. For more details, refer to the next section, "5-1-3." See the instructions below about how to
    copy the driver in MS-DOS mode (Note). Prepare a startup disk that has CD-ROM support and one blank
    formatted floppy disk.
    Step 1: Insert the prepared startup disk and motherboard driver disk in your system. Boot from the startup
    disk. Once at the A:\> prompt, change to your optical drive (example: D:\>). At the D:\> prompt, type the
    following two commands. Press Enter after each command (Figure 1):
    cd bootdrv
    Step 2: When the controller menu (Figure 2) appears, remove the startup disk and insert the blank
    formatted disk. Select the controller driver by pressing the corresponding letter from the menu. For
    example, from the menu in Figure 2, to install Windows to your RAID/AHCI hard drives, select (3)
    SB700/710/750 SATA Driver for XP for the AMD SB700 SATA controller. Your system will then
    automatically zip and transfer this driver file to the floppy disk. Press <0> to exit when finished.

    5-1-3 Installing the SATA RAID/AHCI Driver and Operating System
    With the SATA RAID/AHCI driver diskette and correct BIOS settings, you are ready to install Windows
    Vista/XP onto your hard drive(s). The followings are examples of Windows XP and Vista installation.
    A. Installing Windows XP
    Step 1:
    Restart your system to boot from the Windows XP setup disk and press <F6> as soon as you see the
    message "Press F6 if you need to install a 3rd party SCSI or RAID driver" (Figure 1). A screen will then
    appear asking you to specify additional device. Insert the floppy disk containing the SATA RAID/AHCI
    driver and press S.
    Then a controller menu similar to Figure 2 below will appear. Select AMD AHCI Compatible RAID
    Controller-x86 platform and press Enter. On the next screen, press Enter to continue the driver
    installation. After the driver installation, you can proceed with the Windows XP installation.
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