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Thread: EP45-UD3P and 1.5TB Drives

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    Default EP45-UD3P and 1.5TB Drives

    I have a EP45-UD3P (1.1 I think) and am having trouble with my Seagate and WD 1.5TB drives. I've run chkdsk /r /x on all 6 of my drives (4 Seagates, 2 WD) and all show about ~300GB of bad space, remarkably close when you look at the exact numbers. My initial thought was the drives are bad as I'm aware of the issues that have been going on. My friend with the same MB and reverse on the drives, 4 of his 6 are doing the same thing.

    We both have tried swapping the drives between the Intel SATA ports and the Gigabyte SATA ports.

    So 10 out of 12 is seeming really high. He took several of the drives and put them in another system, full chkdsk like before, and now they are showing just fine.

    We are both running WHS (Windows Home Server) and no longer really believe it's the drives. Are there any known issues with the EP45-UD3P and 1.5TB drives? Maybe it's just WHS? Something else?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: EP45-UD3P and 1.5TB Drives

    I have not heard of any issues.

    Did either of you test with Xp or Vista to see if it was maybe just WHS related errors? It very well could be, I'd check if possible.

    Are you using the latest BIOS? If not I do suggest you do, latest beta may be best >>

    I use ONLY beta's myself as they often have the fixed much sooner than the finals and tend to work great I think. But if you are against that sort of things then at least please update to the latest final BIOS for you board if you are using an older BIOS to rule the BIOS out as a possible culprit.

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    Default Re: EP45-UD3P and 1.5TB Drives

    I have revision 1.1, so went with the F9 bios and no change. I'm going to repartition to see if that has any effect, but guessing not. Any other ideas?

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    Default Re: EP45-UD3P and 1.5TB Drives

    The BIOS isn't the problem, the intel drivers appear to be the issue. If you enable AHCI and install those drivers, the issue is resolved.

    Now, getting AHCI working can be hard as XP and 2003 server don't have those built in. You either need a floppy drive installed with the drivers on a floppy disk, or you have to build your own slipstreamed install of XP/2003 with the drivers you need included.

    I needed this for Windows Home Server(WHS) and so followed these instructions - Slipstream Windows Home Server - WGSWiki

    The easiest way is to use nLight.

    Vista/2008 and Win7/2008R2 may not have AHCI issues so much because I hear they both ship with some that should work.

    For others that find this post, I found lots of WHS people that thought their 1.5TB drives were fine until you actually paid attention to how much data was actually put on their drives and realized it was the 1.36TB it should have been. And running chkdsk showed the problem as well that WHS hid from them.

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