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Thread: Memory Stability Issues EP43-UD3L

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    Default Re: Memory Stability Issues EP43-UD3L

    K, well good luck tweaking and post back anytime once you need more help or have questions.

    And just so you know, if you followed that guide to any T it could have hindered your testing as I wrote that for P35 and P45 is a different beast as you know and many of the settings suggested may not apply, especially tRD

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    Default Re: Memory Stability Issues EP43-UD3L

    I'd advise you replace that PSU with one of known quality ASAP. You state "Appears stable" but that means nothing really. Just like you can't tell if someone is a murderer just by looking at them, you can't tell if a PSU is stable by doing the same. Without specialist measuring equipment (a decent oscilloscope at the very least) you can't tell what's going on.

    I certainly wouldn't over clock with an untrustworthy PSU either. I'm not saying your current issue has anything to do with the unit, but it is possible.

    You seem to have just spent a fair amount of cash on upgrading. Running an unknown PSU could very well be putting your investment at risk. Most PSU's don't give much warning when they fail, they usually let go with a bang. This bang could take your whole system with it. More expensive and trusted brands can fail too ofc, but are much more likely to die on their own and protect the rest of the system.
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