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Thread: Gigabyte EP45-DS4P and them stupid LED's

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    Default Gigabyte EP45-DS4P and them stupid LED's

    Hey guys,
    So Ive had this mobo for almost a year now,
    And its been very good to me, Until I had the idea,
    'I wonder what my system would run crysis at"
    So i d/l a demo and chose optimal setting, It said i could run high so i did.
    However after about 20 mins of playing my computer crashed,
    When i tried to turn it back on it ran for about a second the crashed again (didnt do a cycle, just stopped completely)
    So I had a look and the was a orange S3 ACPI LED on,
    Did a bit of research and found out it was Advance Configuration and Power Interface so i unplugged the power and turned it off, left it for 30 mins and came back.
    When i plugged it back in a red S4/5 light came on, after press the power button it started for a second crashed and the S3 light cam back on.
    Pressing the power button with S3 will not do anything, only when the power button is held does it go back to S4/5.
    Now i have read up on the states, but dont know how to resolve them,
    Here is the write-up,
    S3 "Suspend to RAM" MS: Standby (if notified by BIOS)
    S3 often needs enabling by jumper on the motherboard or by support in BIOS. The CPU is not executing instructions, is not ready to execute instructions, does not maintain its registers and does not maintain cache. The OS must flush dirty pages from the cache when S3 is entered. Devices able to support S3 and are enabled for resuming, may resume the system. PSU state is off, system RAM is refreshed (at reduced refresh) using 5Vsb. External peripherals (keyboard, mouse) may or may not be able to resume the system, depending on what their host controller does.
    S4 "Suspend to disk" MS: Hibernate
    All hardware is in the off state and maintains no context. The system may only be resumed by timer or other hardware resume devices (such as WOL or WOR), but not by interrupts. The contents of RAM are saved to disk and replaced on resume. The PSU is in the off state. Power may be mechanically removed without ill effect.
    Note: S4BIOS is a variation of S4 wherein the BIOS reloads the image and not the OS boot loader. As NTLDR is S4 compatible, this is generally used with other OS'. Linux S4BIOS support is "experimental". Note also that using Windows2000 or XP with grub or lilo WILL break S4 support.
    S5 "Soft-Off" MS: Hibernate
    All hardware is in the off state and maintains no context. CMOS is maintained by 5Vsb, as in S4. The PSU is in off state. Power may be mechanically removed without ill effect.
    Now I'm still very new to all this and do have trouble understanding that,
    All I want to do is get my computer back.
    Cheers, AJ.

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    Default Re: Gigabyte EP45-DS4P and them stupid LED's

    Can you test your ram and GFX Card on another PC, maybe one of those fried in your testing?

    You have the LED info right, I made a post about that here if you needed anymore info (Bout the same minus a few)

    You aren't by chance using Firewire and MAC are you? If so some user posted some info about this causing issues here

    What I would do is get the board out of the case and OFF the motherboard tray, set it on a box or wooden table. This will rule out shorts. Then test with ONLY the CPU/Heatsink, one stick of ram, and your GFX Card ONLY. Nothing else, no drives, fans, ect.

    This would be best done if you had other hardware to test with, just in case your ram or GFX Card is bad you would need others to test with to be sure. Another board to test your hardware in one by one would also be great

    If possible also test your CPU in another system.

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