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Thread: UD3P rev 1.1 and F10e slow BIOS / boot?

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    Question UD3P rev 1.1 and F10e slow BIOS / boot?

    I recently updated to F10e from F9 as I noticed that the newer bios has updated AHCI (am using AHCI) and in this regard it's perfectly fine but I have noticed now that the BIOS performance is slow, like if I keep my finger on the down arrow to scroll a page in the BIOS it will scroll slowly instead of fast like it used to.

    On top of this I upgraded from a Q6600 to a Q9550 and have noticed that the Windows 7 startup animation is slower fps and also the AHCI initialisation screen (after POST) is also slower at detecting all drives. I did clear CMOS before and after updating to F10e as well as changing CPU.

    I have read various threads here and followed BIOS settings used by others who had stable overclocks and I have had no issues in this regard other than the slow BIOS, slow drives detection at POST, slow AHCI init and slow Windows 7 startup animation.

    Once Windows loads it's as fast as you'd expect from a 3.5GHz Q9550 and is stable under gaming/encoding so at least this is a good thing. All issues seem to be located before Windows has loaded up.

    I'd like to flash back to an older BIOS, maybe F8 as that's what the board came with and was wondering if this would work? :

    1: Flash using Flashspi.exe to F8
    2: Flash F8 in Qflash to be sure F8 is on there
    3: Clear CMOS and load optimised defaults

    I just want my BIOS back to its speedy self and for the bootup process back to its speedy self too! Oh not forgetting a nice stable OC :p

    Full spec is below:

    - Q9550 E0 1.275 VID @ 412x8.5 @ 1.325vcore
    - Ultra120 cooler
    - 8GB (4x 2GB) of G.Skill PC8000 running at 1:1 @ 5-5-5-16
    - Corsair HX520W PSU
    - 2x WD SATA drives on ports 4 and 5
    - 1x SATA DVDRW on port 0
    - 2x e-SATA connections on ports 1 and 2 (drives not perma connected to these, only during backup tasks)
    - 8x USB2 devices connected but not all are powered on unless in use
    - Xonar Essence STX soundcard
    - GTX260 GFX card

    Idle temps are 36 degrees for the cpu, 39-43 per core and load is in the mid to high 50s.

    I've done a search also and could not find how people are posting their BIOS settings on the forum, is it a Windows app that pulls them into a text file/clipboard?

    Any help appreciated :)
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    Default Re: UD3P rev 1.1 and F10e slow BIOS / boot?

    Ok I have used flashspi on a bootable USB stick to get back to F8 and whoah, so much faster, boot time has decreased by a shed load, POST flies by, it's so fast that my monitor has not even turned itself on and by the time it has the BIOS has just completed the AHCI init phase! GSATA port drives detect after AHCI takes 2-5 seconds tops to detect drives and Windows boot animation is its usual fast motion now. I am booted to a usable desktop in no time at all.

    Will avoid F10 bios versions in future and not flash it at all any more unless absolutely needed :p

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    Default Re: UD3P rev 1.1 and F10e slow BIOS / boot?

    Good idea. If everything works great for you, and AHCI isn't taking an age to detect things etc, then F8 sounds perfect for your needs.

    F10 has had its fair share of weirdness for some people. The inclusion of another version of QFlash and the need to update the backup BIOS to maintain compatibility for instance.
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    Default Re: UD3P rev 1.1 and F10e slow BIOS / boot?

    Yeah I found that a bit weird! I have my bootable USB now and a quick download away from F8 should the mobo decide it needs to recover the backup BIOS and revert to F10e - hopefully this never happens :p

    I also think 3.6GHz with ram 1:1 (425x8.5) will be my 24/7 speed, benches show little difference between 3.2 and 3.8 so I think middle ground on 3.6 is safe bet.

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