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Thread: EP43-DS3 cannot run in dual channel

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    Unhappy EP43-DS3 cannot run in dual channel

    Hi all,

    This is my first time building a computer. It is an EP43-DS3 motherboard, with an Intel Core2duoE, Geforce GTX260 factory overclock and 2x2GB corsair XMS2 DDR2.
    I get blue screens when trying to boot up in dual channel, I have had some luck in single channel with both modules but it is still unstable when using intense applications like games. Using just one stick works. I have tried it in 2-4 instead of 1-3 and this offered slightly more stability for some reason, but I would still get blue screens during, again, intense applications.

    The BIOS settings are their factory default, except for the 4 timings which have been set to those on the RAM sticker and the DRAM Voltage which has been set to 2.1v (which is on the sticker). I had already sent the RAM back thinking it was faulty RAM but I am getting the same problem with the new RAM as well.
    The bios is p7 which is what it was out of the box.

    What do I need to change on the BIOS to get this thing stable/usable, or is it just a dodgy motherboard?


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    Default Re: EP43-DS3 cannot run in dual channel

    Normally more MCH Core is needed for 2x2GB memory (I myself use 1.2v for only 1x2GB).
    Load optimized defaults first, set Performance enhance to standard, and leave all settings on their default values.
    Try increasing MCH Core, 1.2-1.26v should get you stable if the board or memory are not faulty.
    Run several memtest86+ (can be found in the programs sticky) passes, then see if windows is still unstable.
    For more reliable stability test use Prime95 blend test for 6+ hours.
    If the above still does not get you stable, test each memory module individually in slot 1, and then in other slots, to determin if there's a faulty memory module or the board is in fault.

    Please fill your signature with your system specs, including BIOS vers. and a link to your ram spec, for better reference.

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    Default Re: EP43-DS3 cannot run in dual channel

    I tried this (from 1.2-1.3v), and still could not get the system to boot without crashing in dual channel mode. However, it is now no longer stable in single channel mode either, with either 1 or 2 sticks, even with the last known working configuration. I am currently investigating whether this is an issue with the OS (during one of the reboots it went into some kind of OS repair mode, and crashed, so that might be it).
    Thank you for your help though, any other ideas while I try and sort the OS out?

    edit: touch wood, it now looks like the OS issues are fixed

    edit2: I should point out I'm trying each step in both dual and single channel. Also, the nature of the errors are the same as the previous RAM, and it works fine in single channel with just one stick, so I am sure it is not an issue with the RAM. memtest errors only come up when 2 sticks are in use. Currently, when I try to use more than 1 stick of RAM, I usually get a bluescreen error a few minutes after booting up at the desktop. This can range from an IRQL error to a PAGEFAULT IN NON PAGED AREA error to just a generic blue screen.
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    Intel Core2 E8500 @3.16GHz
    Windows 7 64bit RC
    NVidia Geforce GTX 260 factory overclock
    Gigabyte EP43-DS3 motheboard BIOS ver 7
    2 x 2GB Corsair XMS2 CM2X2048-8500C5C 1066MHz 5-6-6-18 2.10v
    corsair VX550 psu

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