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Thread: Ep45 ud3r and linux now with endless reboot

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    Question Ep45 ud3r and linux now with endless reboot

    Here is what happen I was trying out a live linux disk when my machine went black. When i rebooted my it gave me an bios error an took me to the bios, so i loaded optimized defualt but not avail it did the same thing. Like a dummy i shut it off for a while till i could get my floppy drive with the f9 bios but when i rebooted it takes me into an endless reboot cycle. I have also tried checking my power supply with my other p35 boards and it works fine but the ud3 uses the Atx 2x4 pin setup and the others don't.

    I have read through the forum and found several things to try such as soldering which i do not have to tools to do.

    reset the cmos by placing jumper on it for about a min to several hours tried but did not do it for several hours.

    removerd battery for 1 hour

    use a screwdriver on the main bios selected bios pen to force it to get to backup bios.

    create a floppy of bios but according to one site you floppy drive had to be set for first boot when bios failed. Well in my case when i loaded optimized defaults maybe it set it to that but that so far has not work and still gives endless reboot.

    Here is my question based on the info provided do you think by build is salvageable or do i need to rma. and is there other method i could try that will not harm my other system such as using a bios chip from another system.
    I am not home right now so i have not tried all but i have done some.
    these are site i have visited to try so far.

    Please help
    Thanks in advance
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