Nice to hear all is well!!

I use Cbrom 115 and 219 to edit Logo's and AHCI/RAID Rom's. It's actually very simple, of course you can mess things up but not easily.

Sometimes you have to use various version for different things, if you see a full page of all 00000's when you use the /d switch you know you need to use a different version. Always check the file again after you do your modding using the /d switch to be sure everything looks ok

Here is a forum where you can read about such things, you want to look at things in regards to Award BIOS's
The New Rebels Haven Forum!!: The BIOS Workshop

Cbrom guide
The New Rebels Haven Forum!!: Using CBROMxxx.exe

Guide for logo change at another site
Replacing your BIOS logo

If you need the versions I use let me know and I can post for you, do keep in mind changes like this can void your warranty should you corrupt your BIOS and are unable to recover and need to RMA. Just letting you know, again :)