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Thread: EP45-UD3R v.1.1 need help with 64bit and RAID

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    Default Re: EP45-UD3R v.1.1 need help with 64bit and RAID

    I did say earlier I went back to F9 (no XHD) and had same problem...
    I googled what chike brought up about not booting above 2TB and found the MBR limitation. I believe that is the root to my problems....u just cant boot from a partition larger than 2TB.

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    Default Re: EP45-UD3R v.1.1 need help with 64bit and RAID

    having a disk size greater than 2 tib will not stop the Operating system writing a Master Boot Record and installing ...

    GUID Partition Table - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    "If the disk is larger than two tebibytes (the maximum partition size in the legacy MBR), the size of this partition is marked as 2 TiB, ignoring the rest of disk."

    looks like you will have to re-partition your raid array.
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    Default Re: EP45-UD3R v.1.1 need help with 64bit and RAID

    If you believe this to be the issue you can use several tools to format the disk before trying to install. I am not sure how computer savvy you are, so I would need to know if you feel comfortable using DOS or would you need a floppy or ISO with a program to format with?

    Or you could just create an array under 2T to see if this is the issue or not, then redo things after that if you find it to be the cause.

    Delete the array you have created and make a new one of 1T and leave the rest of the space unused and see if you can then install. If all goes well and you need help formatting the drive to be under 2T let me know

    Or.... You can convert to GPT disks if you like, here is some information on that >>
    partitions greater than 2 TB

    And some overall information on both GPT and 2T limit altogether (I am still unsure if this applies to x64, seems like I see contradicting info? Anyway... Blah Blah Blah, hope this helps!!) How to Break the 2TB (2 TeraByte) File System Limit

    You cannot install or start Windows Vista when the volume of the system partition is larger than 2 terabytes

    Make the most of large drives with GPT and Linux

    2TB Limit

    2048.00 GB Vista x64 LIMIT - XtremeSystems Forums

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