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Thread: Gigabyte H/W RAID VS ICH10 RAID extreme

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    Default Gigabyte H/W RAID VS ICH10 RAID extreme

    I just purchased a gigabyte extreme Mobo all good, RC win seven 64 no problems.

    problem is the SSDs arent preforming at full speed, i've benchmarked in win 7 and win xp

    under win xp 1 hdd benched scored about 230 MBs plugged into the ICH10 slot

    in XP under the HW raid the 2 SSDs scored only 130MBs i think it was i mean WTF? is this a known problem?

    just run the tests in windows 7 and im getting 105

    1 single drive being faster than the 2 SSDs in raid?!

    without rebuilding the OS and moving them to the ICH10 is there anyone seen/heard of the gigabyte drives providing such bad benches?

    Tried a number of benches all the same. pretty sure its the mobo as the SSDs work fine singly.

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    Default Re: Gigabyte H/W RAID VS ICH10 RAID extreme

    Write Back Cache must be enabled, that is why you are having issues in RAID. Please install either the XHD Program or Intel Matr4ix Storage Manager and enable Write Back Cache

    XHD Program (Do note, I have not used this so not sure if the setting mentioned is in here or not, it is for sure in the Intel App)
    GIGABYTE - Support&Download - Motherboard - Utility

    Intel Matrix Storage Manager
    *Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager

    Right Click on the array by name in the menu and you will find enable write back cache

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    Default Re: Gigabyte H/W RAID VS ICH10 RAID extreme

    I have a Gigabyte board as well, and it has the gigabyte sata ports along side the ICH10 ports too.

    The gigabyte controller sucks in comparison, I wouldn't run anything on them -- look at these benches:

    Buildegg Articles Striped Array: Mobo Hardware Differences

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