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Thread: Boot Loop when going to Win XP

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    Default Boot Loop when going to Win XP

    Hello all,

    I'm almost there, I hope. But I'm stuck; I hope you can help.

    I'm upgrading an old HP Pavilion with a new
    Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L
    E6300 processor
    OCZ Blade 2x2G OCZ2B800C54GK DDR2 800 RAM memory
    Compucase HP858D 580W PSU

    I'm keeping the existing Samsung SV1204H HardDrive (IDE) with the old install of Win XP sp3 (which was working fine in the old Pavilion). I'm using the new on-board D-sub VGA port for now until I can get it all working, and the PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports. Labtech Spin 75 powered speakers.

    When I power-up,
    -The board Posts
    -Goes to the Select Operating System screen, with Windows XP Home Edition selected
    -Goes to the We apologize for the inconvenience but Windows did not start properly screen, from which I select "Start Windows Normally"
    -Windows splash screen displays, with moving bar at the bottom. This bar starts moving to the right and just before it gets to the end (3 seconds later)
    -screen goes black, reboot cycle starts gain.
    -I tried with using a video card inserted in the PCI slot, and instead of a black screen, the screen flashed a blue screen so quickly I couldn't read it, and then went black, reboot cycle starts again.

    I've gone into the BIOS and "load optimized defaults", still no help.
    As for my new memory, I can't find the exact model number anywhere on the OCZ website. I bought it from newegg. The newegg site shows the model number as

    OCZ2B800C54GK, specs timing 5,5,5,18 1.8 volts

    At the OCZ website, the closest I could find was
    OCZ2B800C54GK (notice the 54GK intead of 44GK)
    4,4,4,15 2.1v

    According to the OCZ memory part number guide, the 54GK should mean Cas latency 5 in a 4GB kit, and the 44GK should mean Cas latency 4 in a 4GB kit. So I guess I'l have to trust the newegg specs, 5,5,5,18 1.8v.

    In BIOS I set the DRAM Timing to Manual, Cas 5, tRCD 5, tRP 5, tRAS 18, same results. I also tried removing the sticks, and inserting them one at a time in DDR2_1, same results. So I don't know if the RAM has anything to do with it.

    I erased the CMOS: Unplugged the PSU, inserted shorting pin, removed battery, held cabinet switch for a minute, let the systen sit for 25 minutes, took off shorting pin, inserted battery, plugged in PSU. The first screen showed I was successful (checksum, i think). This didn't help either, same problem.

    I have unplugged the KB & Mouse & speakers and pulled everything so the only thing in the system is the motherboard, HD, onboard video connection, CPU fan & Case fan. Still the same problem.

    Here are the BIOS settings

    IDE Channel 0 Master: Samsung sv1204H
    IDE Channel 0 Slave: None
    IDE Channel 2 Master: None
    IDE Channel 2 Slave: None
    IDE Channel 3 Master: None
    IDE Channel 3 Slave: None

    Drive A: None
    Floppy 3 Mode Support: Disabled

    Halt On: All, But Keyboard

    Base Memory: 640K
    Extended Memory: 4060M
    Total Memory: 4062M

    Robust Graphics Booster: Auto
    CPU Clock Ratio: 10 X
    Fine CPU Clock Ratio: +0.5
    CPU Frequency: 2.8GHz (266x10.5)
    CPU Host Clock Control: Disabled
    CPU Host Freq MHz: 266
    PVI Express Freq Mhz: 100
    Performance Enhance: Standard
    System Memory Multiplier (SPD): Auto
    Memory Frequency (MHZ): 800
    DRAM Timing Selectable (SPD): Manual
    CAS Latency: 5 [5]
    tRCD: 5 [5]
    tRP: 5 [5]
    tRAS: 18 [18]
    tRRD: Auto
    tWTR: AUTO
    tWR: AUTO
    tRFC: Auto
    tRTP: Auto
    Command Rate: AUTO
    Cannel A and channel B timing all AUTO
    CPU Vcore: 1.275v [Auto]
    CPU Termination: 1.2v [Auto]
    CPU Reference: 0.805v [Auto]
    DRAM Voltage: 1.8c [1.800v]
    Onboard VGA: [Enable if no Ext PEG]
    Init Display First: PCI
    PAVP Mode: PAVP Lite Mode
    PAVP Lit Mode: 32MB
    Paranoid PAVP Mode: (32+96)128MB
    On-chip primary: PCI IDE [Enabled]
    On-chip SATA Mode: Auto
    PATA IDE set to: Ch.0 Master/slave
    SATA Port0/2 Set to: Ch.2 Master/slave
    Sata Port1/3 Set to: Ch.3 Master/slave
    Azalia Codec: Auto
    Onboard H/W Lan: Enabled
    Green Lan: Enabled
    Smart Lan: press enter
    Onboard Serial Port 1: [3F8/Irq4]
    Onboard Serial Port 2: [2F8/IRQ3]
    Onboard Parallel Port: [378/IRQ7]
    Parallel Port mode: SPP
    USB 1.0 Controller: Enabled
    USB 2.o Contoller: Enabled
    USB Keyboard Function: Disabled
    USB Mouse Func: Disabled
    USB Storage Function: Enabled
    ACPI Suspend Type: S3(STR)
    Soft-Off by PWR-BTTN: Instant-off
    PME Event Wake Up: Enabled
    Power On by Ring: Enabled
    Resume by Alarm: Disabled
    Date (of month) alarm: Everyday
    Time (hh:mm:ss) Alarm: 0 : 0 : 0
    HPET Support: Enabled
    HPET Mode: 32-bit mode
    Power on by mouse: Disabled
    Power on by keyboard: Disabled
    KB Power On Password: Enter
    AC Back Function; Soft-Off
    PCI1 IRQ Assignment; Auto
    PCI2 IRQ Assignment: Auto
    Reset Case Open Status: Disabled
    Case Opened: Yes
    Vcore: 1.252v
    DDR18V: 1.808v
    3.3v: 3.328v
    +12V: 12.239v
    Current CPU Temperature: 34degC
    Current CPU Fab Speed: 1430 RPM
    Current System Fan Speed: 2122 RPM
    CPU Warning Temp: Disabled
    CPU Fan Fail Warning: Disabled
    System Fan fail warning: Disabled
    CPU Smart FAN Control: Enabled

    Whew. That's all I can think to post. Can anyone give me some things to try?

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    Default Re: Boot Loop when going to Win XP

    You will need to do a clean install, this is likely the issue. Moving an OS Install from one board to another is not easy and never recommended

    That would be the issue I think, your settings should all be fine for a stock setup

    If you must have data from the old install you are going to need a second drive or another PC to go backup the files you need.

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    Default Re: Boot Loop when going to Win XP

    I was hoping that wasn't the next step, LOL. Was hoping someone would see a BIOS setting that would solve all my problems.

    Just curious, I often see (on the newegg site for example) people saying they upgraded the Mobo and CPU in an old system, and it was plug n play easy, up and running in 20 minutes. That's just lucky, I guess you're saying?

    The original HP system came with Win98, I later bought an upgrade WinXp and installed it, so I don't think the CD will let me re-install a new WinXP, only upgrade a system to XP. Any advice on this?

    This is my first system build...or upgrade...and it's fun as hell. I'm showing my 8 year old, and we're learning together. I wish I'd taken the time to build one many years ago. It would have saved me so much money over the years, compared to buying prebuilt name-brands.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: Boot Loop when going to Win XP

    Na, it really does sound to me like this is the issue. What board/chipset was in the HP anyway? Considering you say it came with Windows 98 I am almost 199% sure this is the issue now!

    Ya, sometimes it is easy, like moving from a P35 to P45 or something like that, but never from a older machine such as you mention to a new machine.

    Terrible to hear about your XP Disk, is it also OEM? If so you will need a new one anyway as the activation would be tied to the HP machine

    On the good side of things, you can still download and use Windows 7 until next June for free if you like? Maybe by then you could buy Windows 7 or Vista, or even a new XP if you wanted.

    If you need to know where to download windows 7 let me know

    I agree, building your own system is great fun! Plus you save money while you do it! Sorry to have to bust into your fun, but I do believe this is your issue.

    Can you verify that the system will stay running? I mean you can enter the BIOS and stay however long you wish correct? If so then the move of the OS Install is likely the whole issue

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    Default Re: Boot Loop when going to Win XP

    I did find you these two guides which mention that if you have an older install disk, you can use a XP Upgrade disk to perform a clean install >>

    How to Clean-Install the Windows XP Upgrade

    Just in case, here is Windows 7 keys can be obtained from Microsoft here, they no longer host the files though.

    You can download it from here, or many other sites just by googling windows 7 download.
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    Default Re: Boot Loop when going to Win XP

    Yes, I can sit in the BIOS screen forever, no problem. I think you're right, I need to reinstall.

    Thanks for the install info. I looked through it and it's consistent with what I've dealt with in the past with the "upgrade only" version of XP years ago. Now I remember, my nephew had an old win98 cd he gave me so I could use it to reinstall XP. I just have to find it, and I'm ready to go.

    But, I'm very interested in using Windows 7 for free. I'm guessing it's a deal with MS, try it you'll like it, and then pay for the license in June? I just looked on the MS website, and they are saying Windows 7 RC can no longer be downloaded.

    Do you kn w where I can still get it?

    Do you think it could be buggy, since it's the release candidate version?

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    Default Re: Boot Loop when going to Win XP

    Ya, if you have a wind98 cd then you should be set using those methods.

    Windows 7.... Well it used to be freely available for download at the microsoft site above, but that started 6-8 months ago, and I just noticed when grabbing the link for you that they only give the keys now and pulled the downloads.

    Ya, it is/was simply a try it for a year thing and then in june it locks up on you and you either buy the final or move on to something else.

    I linked the download of it at softpedia, or you can also google it and download from various sites or torrents

    Na, buggy at first maybe but after it is all updated you will be fine. MANY People are using it now, and have been for 6-8 months

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    Default Re: Boot Loop when going to Win XP

    OK, final solution. I decided to reinstall WinXP like you said. But I thought I'd try a repair install first to try to keep my system as is.

    I tried my XP Upgrade CD with repair install, but it kept crashing with a pci file problem. I looked around on the internet for a solution, and it turns out lots of people have run into this. The original XP can't handle newer Mobos with pcix slots. And there's no way to disable the pcix in BIOS to get XP to work.

    What seemed to work for everyone was to slipstream SP2 with the original XP CD, and use the new SP2 CD for installs. I made a SP2 CD and tried it with a repair install.

    Booted right up, baby!

    Thanks for your help....I might still be tweaking the BIOS if you hadn't set me straight. I'll be back when I'm ready to overclock it.

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    Default Re: Boot Loop when going to Win XP

    Very nice to hear you got it!

    Sorry to have not suggested that before, I have no clue why a repair install skipped my mind, other than maybe I was asleep at the wheel! Happens sometimes here! Sorry!

    Yeap, old XP install disks must be at least SP1 or greater to use on a PCIE Board. You could have just slipstreamed SP3 to your disk if you wanted.

    Anyway, glad you got it and thanks for posting back! Sorry for my lack of thinking when I replied to help you yesterday!

    Post back anytime, and yes I can for sure help you with your BIOS

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