Indeed, post exactly what you entered.

Also make sure to have a go with changing Static tRead upward to between 8 and 10. Using a 2.00B/D SMM can also help. Not always, but a lot of the time it's a RAM issue causing boot loops.

Going for a safer 3.2-3.4GHz may be a good idea firsty, then try moving forward by changing CPU Vcore, Termination, tRead and FSB. If you increase by 100-200MHz at a time and tweak for stability, you will get an idea of what your system will need more of, or what values and timings need tweaking.

Also you are using a 1.6 board revision, which may alter the settings and values you need.

Have a search of the forums for E7400 & EP-45-UD3 1.6, and also search over at xtreamsystems as there's a hell of a lot of traffic there and also a whole thread dedicated to the EP45-UD3P, with all kinds of CPU combinations.

Post up your current settings when you get a chance.