I have no idea why he hangs on to that barely-better-than-ISDN service, but then again he runs his own mail server with Draconian white lists so strict he wasn't getting mail from his band mates and was griping about having to allow Gmail in. Whatever. It's his money and time to waste.

I caught a break from Comcast because they didn't realize they'd been charging me the rate that TV subscribers pay (~$45) instead of the ISP-only rate (~$62) for, oh....SEVEN YEARS! When they finally got wise and jacked my rate, I called and asked what was up and the snotty lady on the phone told me that they wouldn't reduce it to the rate I'd been paying. I shopped around but WOW wasn't a good value, FIOS isn't available in my area, and AT&T could only offer 1.5 mbps to the surprise of even the CSR.

I calculated what I'd saved over the years and it added up to over $1300, which is like a free PC, so I guess it's OK. The thing is Comcast has been quietly cranking up my speeds w/o notification or raising my rates. First it went to 3 Mbps then 6 then this 18+ stuff. I just happened to notice that single-source downloads (i.e. Steam, D2D, game patches) were BLAZING down the pipe and the Speed Test confirmed it.