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Thread: Bluescreen entering sleep mode

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    Default Bluescreen entering sleep mode

    my cpu:e8500 3.8ghz
    motherboard: ep35c-ds3r

    when my system attemps to enter sleep mode(s3),sometimes i got a bsod saying
    I looked windows minidump file,it says bluescreen probably caused by "ntoskernel.exe")

    i've got latest bios.

    when system is overclocked,i am experiencing lots of problem with sleep mode when entering or exiting from it.

    i'm really done with this crappy motherboard and i'm totally sure that i won't get near gigabyte anymore.

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    Default Re: Bluescreen entering sleep mode

    Sleep issues when overclocking are very common and you will encounter them with most motherboards. Try upping the voltages a bit or backing down on the OC a little, this may fix the sleep issues.

    I'm pretty sure that most of the problems you had with the board were the result of you not doing something correctly/using imperfect settings, and you would likely have encoutnered just as many issues with any other motherboard. Please don't bash unless you absolutely know what you're talking about.

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    Default Re: Bluescreen entering sleep mode

    Nickel you nailed it. And Ray, you say

    "when system is overclocked,i am experiencing lots of problem with sleep mode when entering or exiting from it."

    So set everything back to optimized defaults and the problem is gone .Is that correct? Then work your OC back up, entering sleep each time and find if a specific setting/clock/whatever it may be that does not crash. My system used to have a huge problem right off the bat and i really thought it was mobo. I just didnt know what i was doing.

    By you troubleshooting the problem and solving it, you may be able to stop someone with the same problem from pulling there hair out .

    "driver power state failure" hmmm im guessing its a driver issue.
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