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Thread: Mobo seems to be falling apart - Please help

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    Default Mobo seems to be falling apart - Please help

    GA-MA69GM-S2H F6 BOOT FAILURE / sound problem

    Still can't figure it out...

    My rig can't consistently boot or "wake-up" right. It takes several tries before it'll power up correctly, but once up and running it runs perfectly. It occurred to me that it may have something to do with the IDE and SATA controllers. So on an whim, I unplugged the ide dvd player (plugged into the Slave connector - but listed as master on the post screen). Even though the problem persists, it seems to be powering up correctly more often than not.

    The details:
    When I power up the system and boot up, my screen will sometimes go black at various points in the boot process. There is little consistency and one of the following happens:
    1) 1st boot screen:
    a) lists initial the specs on the top half of the screen (bios version, RAM, processor)- then goes black
    b) lists the drives (lists the HD as an IDE drive) - then goes black
    2) 2nd screen:
    a) lists peripheral connectors - then goes black
    3) "Windows XP" with the running blue bar screen - won't completely fade in and then goes black
    a) I get the "windows was not shut properly" screen. If I select "use last configuration that worked", it goes black every time. Selecting "Safe mode" just runs a list of files the system can't find. Selecting "start windows normally" sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.
    4) Success! It runs through the whole process with no snags. If I can make to the Windows screen with the scrolling blue bar, then I am good to go.

    After the screen goes black, I'll turn off the system, turn it back on, and keep my fingers crossed. Please note, I have never gotten the BSOD (blue screen of death).

    Any ideas what could be causing this?

    The sound is also not working via the HDMI half of the time. I have the system connected to my LCD and when the system is supposed to play a sound it just plays a static/crackle sound instead. Again, when it works, it works consistently. But, if I re-boot, I run the risk that it won't work right.

    Thanks. for the help...

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    Default Re: Mobo seems to be falling apart - Please help

    on my ex58 setup i do get the black screen a couple times during boot-up, i guess thats normal. But u really do make your rig sound like its falling apart.

    Buy a new board- you should be able to get a decent one for 70 bucks or so.
    i7 930 @ 4.2 ghz (200x21) 1.34 vcore 1.33 qpi
    Noctua U12P se1366 Push Pull w/scythe slipstreams
    6GBOCZ1333 @ 1600 - 9 9 9 24 1.64v
    Gigabyte EX58-UD3R f11
    Corsair tx750 PSU
    EVGA GTX260 SC
    Intel SSD80GBG2C1 OS/Apps
    WD Caviar Black 500gb Data
    ASUS Xonar DX
    Klipsch Promedia 2.1
    CM690 Case 3 in 3 out
    Windows 7 64bit

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    Default Re: Mobo seems to be falling apart - Please help

    OS may be corrupt or virus.. Just a thought

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    Default Re: Mobo seems to be falling apart - Please help

    gotta be an install issue. recheck all plugs, make sure there aren't any short circuits if you aren't using mobo spacers.

    then make sure you have the latest bios and aren't trying to oc. use default settings initially.

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    Default Re: Mobo seems to be falling apart - Please help


    It's my RAM (of all things)!!!

    I pulled out one of the sticks and it is fine...

    I'm gonna see if I can find a floppy drive and run memtest86 to be sure.

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