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Thread: Older Gigabyte motherboards with newer video cards

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    Default Older Gigabyte motherboards with newer video cards

    Has anyone on these forums successfully used a 5800/5700 series radeon on a relatively old motherboard?

    I bought a new Radeon 5770 (store broke the street date) but I wanted to hold off on buying a new motherboard+cpu. I know the CPU will be the bottleneck but I wanted to at least play all the old SM 3.0 games I couldn't with my x850. Unfortunately it won't POST in my PC but will POST in my friends newer PC.

    The motherboard is a Gigabyte K8NF-9 (nforce 4) with an Athlon 64 X2 4400+. The PSU is an Antec TruePower 2.0 550 Watt (TPII-550) which is listed as being certified for the 5800 series.

    I found a forum post of someone with my motherboard using a 4770 so I think the problem is either the PSU is defective and underperforming or the K8NF is incompatible. I'm hoping someone here can tell me different.

    Things I've tried:

    -using a different 6 pin power connector for the graphics card
    -using the pci-e adapter and connecting to a standard molex
    -using a 5750 my friend had purchased at the same time (this won't POST either, works fine in his rig)
    -BIOS is updated to latest version
    -reseating the card countless times
    -removing the card (with the card removed I get the appropriate beep code explaining that)
    -connecting my old x850 (works fine so at least I didn't break anything)
    -disconnecting everything (harddrives, case fans, dvd drive) and only connecting power cables to the motherboard and the video card

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    Default Re: Older Gigabyte motherboards with newer video cards

    Some older boards with PCI-E 1.0 (as opposed to 1.1 or 2.0) do have problems with newer video cards; also some older boards have problems with specific cards from certain vendors, while the same card from other vendors will run fine.

    There's not much you can try here, your board probably just won't run with newer video cards.

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