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Thread: E58-UD4p Config

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    Default E58-UD4p Config

    Hi Guys,
    First post,great site.Im having problems with how to set up my bios for a non raid installation.
    Im using the 10CHR controller with hdd connected to port 0 and DVD player to port 5.
    In the Bios for this controller i have the following options:IDE AHCI RAID.
    I know i dont want AHCI or Raid.This just leaves IDE,wont this degrade my
    performance for the sata drive i want to use if i set as this?.
    I tried setting it at Raid but i just get a BSOD with error 000007b. just after sata drivers are loaded and before you get to choose f8 to agree to the installation of XP Pro.
    Hope someone can clarify this for me.
    My rig consists of E58-4UDP I7 920 cpu 9800GTX+ 650w P/S
    3gig Triple channel Kingston Ram Seagate Baracuda 500gig 7200.11 hdd
    Asus dvd writer Bios 10D
    By using ONLY the IDE option i do get past the bsod.
    Hope someone can steer me in the right dir.
    I dont overclock and tried Fail safe defaults and Optimised

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    Default Re: E58-UD4p Config

    No, using IDE mode is just Gigabyte's way of saying NOT AHCI or RAID, it will not degrade your performance

    This is the settings you should use, with OS Drive connected to SATA2_0 and CD/DVD to SATA2_5 as you have mentioned

    Integrated Peripherals

    Intel Controller (Yellow Ports)
    SATA RAID/AHCI Mode (Intel ICH10R Southbridge) ............. Disabled
    SATA Port0-3 Native Mode ................................... Enabled (or Disabled, both will work)

    Gigabyte/J.Micron Controller (White Ports)
    Onboard SATA/IDE Device (GIGABYTE SATA2 Chip) ............. Enabled or Disabled if you are not using anything connected to these ports or an IDE Cable
    Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode (GIGABYTE SATA2 Chip) ........... IDE

    You must also go into advanced BIOS Settings, and then into Hard Disk Boot Priority and move your OS hard drive to the top of the list

    Your XP Install disk must be SP1 or greater in order to install to a PCIE board, this may be what is causing your BSOD.

    You can verify what version of XP install disk you have by checking using the methods I posted here >>

    Please be sure you are using the latest BIOS and you load optimized defaults first NOT Fail Safe.

    I suggest BIOS F9c or F10d >>

    Please use Qflash to update, here is a guide >>
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    Default Re: E58-UD4p Config

    Thanks For the quick reply.
    Managed to get things going ok.Not confused anymore .
    Just a quick question.What is a safe o/clock with the 920 cpu and stock
    Take care and keep up the excellent work.

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