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Thread: 222 BCLK "limit" and "F9x" bios for UD4P

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    Default 222 BCLK "limit" and "F9x" bios for UD4P

    So i found a few threads of those with EX58-Extreme and UD4P that went well beyond 222 BCLK, one being a mod involving "breaking off" a resistor and soldering it below its stock position, and the other... with no mod?

    See here: BCLK 235 / PCIe 130 with GIGABYTE MB - XtremeSystems Forums

    Hes got my board the UD4P and CPU-Z says his bios is F9x? Looking everywhere F9x doesn't exist? I am not convinced and have more settings to try, iam looking for EX58 owners that were able to pass the 222 BCLK limit so I can note their settings right down to the bios version.

    Am I seeing things or is that really F9x?

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    Default Re: 222 BCLK "limit" and "F9x" bios for UD4P

    Looks like F9x to me.
    But don't get your hopes up, even if you can get a hold of that BIOS he's probably just gotten extremely lucky with his board; the fact that he has gotten his Bclk that high doesn't mean you will also with his BIOS.
    Also, since this is Hicookie, he very well might have used mods himself.

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    Default Re: 222 BCLK "limit" and "F9x" bios for UD4P

    F9x does exist, it is not needed at all though. That BIOS F9x UD4P and F8X UD5 is not needed to pass 222 Blck, it only allows you to boot from a higher PCIE in the BIOS.

    PM me if you feel you must have F9x BIOS I will send to you

    You can use any BIOS you like after you mod the board, then set PCIE with SetFSB within windows.

    See my results here with the mod and a BIOS that is not F*x BIOS, I used F9c >>

    BIOS used in all was F9c

    239.04 W/ HT on Ram on Extreme

    CPU-Z Validator 3.1

    238.97 Blck x 19 HT on Ram on Extreme

    CPU-Z Validator 3.1

    5001.2Mhz W/ HT on Ram on Extreme @ 2000Mhz

    CPU-Z Validator 3.1

    234 Blck SuperPI 8M W/ QPI @ 8.432 GT/s

    Click to Enlarge of Course - So you can see F9c in use

    Water cooled



    Sub Zero (Dry Ice)



    Dry Ice Thread

    Highest Bclk I have reached is 239/240 but I think my board was the limit as this was the same with 3 CPU's. You wont get much above 227-230 without going sub-zero though
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