So I am not that tech savvy so please keep answers to a minimum of big crazy words and abbreviations, thank you.

Next, the problem:

I have a GA-MA780G-UD3H motherboard, and it will freeze on the first screen that pops up, the one before the Bios, the one that says what motherboard it is. It only does this however when a video card is in it, it appears to be any video card because my friend has tried 3 different ones. Oh and I am running the Windows 7 beta thing.

My friend did a Bios flash, and all sorts of other stuff to no avail and has instructed me to RMA it. Just wondering if you guys might know anything.

I have technically already sent in an RMA request, and that is actually why I joined this forum was to ask an RMA question, but apparently that is banned, so I can go no further into the discussion.