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Thread: Dynamic Energy Saver 2 work with P55-UD4 motherboards?

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    Default Dynamic Energy Saver 2 work with P55-UD4 motherboards?

    I recently purchased a new system:

    i5 750
    P55-UD4 (bios F3H)
    GSkill Ripjaw DDR3 2000Mhz 9-9-9-27
    Corsair HX620 620W power supply
    Noctua U12P CPU cooler
    Gigabyte 9600GT (from previous sys)

    running on Win 7 ultimate x64

    The system is very stable normally, I have tried to clocked it to 3.8Ghz no problems.

    However, apart from gaming and simulation softwares, most of the time I'll be doing word processing/watching a few movies so actually I won't be needing the full 3.8Ghz of power, not all the time.

    I also don't want to have to change bios setting often just because i suddenly want to run a computatiion intesnive program...

    A friend told me he used teh Dynamic energy saver (version 1) software on his i7 920 setup and it works great - he has it running between 1200Mhz and 3400Mhz using the CPU throttling function.. the multiplier on his changes between 6-20X dependin on the load..
    GREAT I thought!

    Howeverm when I tried the Dynamic Energy Saver 2 (for P55 board only it seems) software and found a few problems, below refers to the advance settings:

    1. Entering lower power state - I simply just don't think this works. Didnt have an effect whether it is turn on or not. only effect it has is not letting me boot into Win 7 x64 and give me the msg DES2 has been turned off.

    2. CPU Throttling does not work when I have any manual setting particularly to the FSB.

    It does not throttle (lower vcore and multiplier when noting cpu intensive in running) my CPU when i have any manual settings in the bios. I currently have it on
    3150Mhz (150FSB manual) and the multiplier is always fixed at 21X even at idle. Vcore voltage is also fixed at 1.26V (this is on auto)

    However, if i set everything on AUTO in the bios, CPU throttling works very well. The multiplier would change from 9 to 21x on FSB of 133mhz , resulting in a range of 1190-2660mhz clock depending on the load. Vcore voltage also drop to 0.88v on idle.

    Ideally it should work even when I have manually set the FSB in the bios. I want to run the FSB at 160-180 with the multiplier changing from 9x-21x automatically . Working in a range of 1620-3600 Mhz would suit most of my needs without having to change bios settings all the time.

    Can other owners of i5 750 and p55- UD4/UD4P test this out?


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    Default Re: Dynamic Energy Saver 2 work with P55-UD4 motherboards?

    Did you enable the two setting in bios for DES2 to work?
    CPU enhanced halt (C1E) and CPU EIST - must be set to enable.

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