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Thread: EX58-UD3R Help with running Stable

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    Default EX58-UD3R Help with running Stable

    Hi, I need help to make sure my system is running stable. It seems like it is but I want to make sure. This is my second board. My first board was a version 1.0 and only lasted 3 weeks. That one also seemed to run stable. Had no problems with it untill it failed to post. It started with the reboot loop, BIOS corrupted. Hopefully this new version will last.

    Please help!

    System specs:
    EX58-UD3R V 1.6
    I7 920@ 2.66
    1 X ASUS Dark Knight HD 4870 512MB
    Corsair XMS3 3 x 2GB 1600 (PC3 12800) 1.65V TR3X6G1600C9
    Antec 300 modified (added window + 2 window fans)
    Apevia 680W PSU AS680W-BL
    2 WD 640GB HDD
    LG DVD burner
    OS: XP Pro 32 and Vista 64

    Temps(Speedfan 4.39)
    temp1 32C
    temp2 44-45C
    temp3 42
    Core 0 28-29C
    Core 1 28-29C
    Core 2 27C
    Core 3 27C
    Core 4 31C
    Core 5 31C
    HDD 1 31-32C
    HDD 2 31-32C
    HDD temps only show on XP and not on Vista. I am not sure what the different temps are but overall seems to be running on the low side.

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    Default Re: EX58-UD3R Help with running Stable

    Yea my brothers board just died the other night, spent 16 hours over nights afterwork trying to get it back up without any luck. He's picking up another as we speak, revision 1.6 as well. If you just want to check for stability , download prime95 from the main gigabyte page in the system stability tools section and run it for a few hours on small ffts and a blend test to stress the ram. You may also use IBT which is much more stressful , and will find errors faster. You haven't done any overclocking, shouldn't be a problem at all.
    i7 930 @ 4.2 ghz (200x21) 1.34 vcore 1.33 qpi
    Noctua U12P se1366 Push Pull w/scythe slipstreams
    6GBOCZ1333 @ 1600 - 9 9 9 24 1.64v
    Gigabyte EX58-UD3R f11
    Corsair tx750 PSU
    EVGA GTX260 SC
    Intel SSD80GBG2C1 OS/Apps
    WD Caviar Black 500gb Data
    ASUS Xonar DX
    Klipsch Promedia 2.1
    CM690 Case 3 in 3 out
    Windows 7 64bit

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    Default Re: EX58-UD3R Help with running Stable

    I ran a blend test and small ffts for 2.5 hours each and had 0 errors and 0 warnings. It performed around 57 tests each. Is that enough or should I run it longer? I used easy tune 6 to overclock to 2.8 but it failed to start windows . Any ideas why I cant overclock? I wanted to overclock to like 3.2 but I couldnt even get it to 2.8. Should I just do it in the BIOS?

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    Default Re: EX58-UD3R Help with running Stable

    Hey pete.

    I also use the ud3r. But the sli version 1.0..
    I think your rig is already stable enough. With 2.5 hour of prime95, yes.. its very stable.. U dont overclock ur i7 though.

    I have a stable 920 d0 with 3.990 mhz n 1.325 vcore (bios). Its stable with 2 hour of prime 95. Load temp was 75c n idle temp was 38c. U can see the rest of my rig from my sig below.

    If u want to oc your i7.. Keep in mind that u have to use a 3rd party cooler. A damn good one if u want to go to 3.6 ghz.
    U can post ur bios setting here. Use the bios template from LSDMEASAP's sig. I will post mine later.

    Btw u could use realtemp 3.0 to monitor ur proc temp. Its better than speedfan.

    Intel i5 4.00 gHz @ 1.350v
    Gigabyte GA P55 UD6 (rev 1.0) BIOS F6
    Gskill PC12800 4GB kit 4gbeco
    TRUX BLACK rev C (TT smart fan 12 cm + CM fan 12 cm 90CFM)
    ATI 4890 (950 / 1150)
    Maxtor 500 gb + Hitachi 500 GB
    Corsair TX850
    Power Logic Ultima Thunder
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

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