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Thread: Overclock EP45T-Extreme

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    Question Overclock EP45T-Extreme

    Hi to all,
    I am a new member and wish to say hello to everyone and hope that my stay shall be productive & informative. As an "older" pc user I am still learning and have an inquisitive mind when it comes to computers. I want to learn as much as I can.
    My question is this: how do I overclock my EP45T-Extreme mb safely ?
    My system is made up of these main components:

    Gigabyte-EP45T-Extreme mb
    Intel E8500 (3.16Ghz) Processor
    4Gb Corsair XMS3 TW3X4G13339A ram
    Gigabyte 9600GT Graphics card
    725 Watt psu
    Pioneer Dvr 218-LBK x 2
    Samsung 1Tb HDD x 2

    I read in one of our PC mags that the magazine people actually overclocked their system to 3.9Ghz which ran as stable as can be. I know I have all the tools on my mb cd but I don't know how to put them to good use and do the job properly. Some of you may think that I am stupid for not knowing but I would rather ask & get expert opinions than just go ahead & maybe stuff my board.
    So I ask for your help. Is there anyone that can lead me through the process of overclocking my pc ? I would be grateful for any assistance given.

    Kind regards: mich55

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    Default Re: Overclock EP45T-Extreme

    3.9GHz should be no big deal for your setup, 4GHz+ is likely depend on your cooling which you have not specified.
    Begin reading this post and prepare your settings accordingly.
    Download Prime96/Orthos/OCCT memtest86+ and IBT(IntelBurnTest)/LinX, those will be used to test settings integrity and stabilitym CoreTemp/RealTemp/HWMonitor to monitor CPU temps and other, CPU-Z and MemSet to retrive system info, and get ready for action.
    Those programs can be found in
    Also get the templates in this post or the one below it to post your settings when needed.

    Put your system specs including board rev. BIOS ver and a link to your ram specs or at least part number.

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